Diabetes can be a symptom of one of the most deadly types of cancer

Diabetes can be a warning sign of one of the most deadly types of cancer, the researchers found. It was found that 50% of the victims of pancreatic tumors were diagnosed Type II diabetes in the previous year.

A study involving nearly one million inhabitants of Italy and Belgium spent by French doctors showed that the presence of Type II diabetes is associated with a 7-fold increased risk of pancreatic cancer, which is one of the most deadly. Note that the relationship between this tumor and diabetes has been established previously. Pancreas hormone in the body produces insulin, and type II diabetes occurs in the moment when the body can not properly use the hormone that produces insulin.

According to experts, it is possible that the treatment of diabetes increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, either the tumor itself increases the risk of diabetes. Although the number of diabetics in Russia very much, and it is estimated several million people, pancreatic cancer is relatively rare diagnosis and every year with this kind of tumors encountered approximately 15000 Russians.

According to the authors, for the development of a reliable test for early diagnosis of cancer of the pancreas is required to do a considerable amount of further work, but in this case may help account factors such as the recently diagnosed Type II diabetes.

Physicians and patients with diabetes should be aware of the fact that the immediate occurrence of the disease or sudden worsening of symptoms may be the first sign of latent pancreatic cancer. Only in the case of early diagnosis of patients have a chance of winning over the disease, and at later stages of the probability of treatment does not exceed 3%.