5 basic rules of how to drink fresh juices

The phrase "fruit juice" has long been synonymous with good. But is it? Everyone always whether you can drink it? How to do it correctly, so as not to cause the body harm?

Rule ?1. Fresh juice can not drink on an empty stomach

Yes, you need to experiment, even if you have a very strong and healthy stomach.
Remember that fruit juice - a rather concentrated solution, including fruit acids, which can cause not only discomfort in the stomach, but also adversely affect the "middle level" of digestion: the gall bladder and pancreas. The result will be pain, heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth, says dietician Julia Bastrigina.

It also happens that after one or two methods of juice fasting can develop an aggravation of chronic diseases of the digestive tract.

Ideally, if the juice is diluted with water for at least third. So it becomes a much less aggressive with respect to the lining of the digestive tract, and even becomes less nutritious.

But the juice of cabbage and cucumbers can be in no way dilute. So, cucumber 90% water, so this kind of Frechet can be considered absolutely secure. The juice from the cabbage, oddly enough, it is recommended even for people with gastritis - it contained vitamin U has a regenerative effect on the gastric mucosa.

Rule ?2. Each juice - its own characteristics, they must be taken into account

The most complicated rules for admission include fresh beet juice. The concentration of active substances in it is so high, it is recommended after pressing to give it a ferment: leave it in a ceramic container in the refrigerator for an hour or two. And, of course, only take in a diluted form, at least 1: 3.

For juices, having a particular reception, applies carrot. If you want to get out of it not only beta-carotene, vitamin A but also remember to add before use in a glass or cream, or a few drops of any vegetable oil (sesame oil, olive oil, pumpkin). Cream (oil) contain fat, and it facilitates the transition of B-carotene to the active form of vitamin A.

By the way, many lovers of carrot juice drink tanning before the release or in the first days of his, considering that it contributes to the rapid tan Yes, indeed shade faster and will "grab", but worth bearing in mind that it will be yellowish.

In fact, not only sunbathing lovers, but simply fans of carrot juice may be faced with a surprise, as the coloring of the skin or eyes in joyous yellow color. Excess carotene is capable of such manifestations. For the appearance of "color" is enough daily drink 350 ml of the juice for a week.

Rule ?3. Not everyone can be eaten fresh

Apple juice can cause a reaction in people who are allergic to pollen, spring trees, in particular birch. A person may feel itching of the eyes, nose, pain in the stomach. Cross-allergy - the case that from the juice, unfortunately, should be abandoned.

Tomato and beetroot juice can provoke cystitis in women who are prone to the formation of kidney stones. The same reaction will cause constant reception of juice, rich in vitamin C - orange, vegetable containing peppers. Grapefruit juice may interfere with the action of certain drugs.

This stems from the furanocou- and flavonoids, which are rich in this fruit. They work to block the hepatic enzyme metabolizes a large number of drugs, particularly from the high pressure (calcium channel blockers).

As a result, the concentration of the drug remains high for too long, which can negatively affect health. To restore the normal operation of this enzyme after ingestion of grapefruit juice can take up to 72 hours.

Pomegranate juice is better to drink through a straw. Otherwise, when taken regularly, he is able to change the color of the teeth - there will be a specific brownish patina at the roots.

Rule ?4. Do not mix more than three ingredients

The widespread opinion is that you can not mix fruit and vegetable juices, - this is not quite true. Well, for example, combine the celery and apple and carrot and orange. But to interfere with more than three ingredients makes no sense: the minimum benefit.

Rule ?5. Accept Scheduled

The fact that fruit juice can not drink on an empty stomach, we already know. And when it most useful? Receive Mode vitamin drink is: fresh use or in short intervals between meals or as a dessert. More than two times a day to drink fresh juice should not be.

The amount of undiluted Frechet per day should not exceed 150 ml.