Beer lovers threatened impotence

Too frequent visits to bars can deprive man pleasures of sex, the doctors explained. This is due to the fact that alcohol closes the blood vessels in the penis, not allowing it to reach a state of erection.

According to statistics, over 60% of men older than 35 years are faced with erectile dysfunction. Impotence is not only an effort on self-assessment, it leads to psychological problems in relationships and divorce. Although many different factors and causes of erectile dysfunction, few men pay attention to the number of alcoholic drinks they consumed. We are not talking about alcoholism, and excessive use of "intoxicating", which a lot of men seem quite normal.

Doctors emphasize that impotence is caused by contraction of the blood vessels of the penis. Usually they are opened in a state of extreme excitement, allowing blood to fill the penis body and form the very erection, which is necessary for sex. But excessive amounts of alcohol in the blood does not give the body to perform the job, and therefore erection is not achieved simply. If it is formed, it is not stored for too long.

for the treatment of impotence specialists underline that alcohol affects each man differently, so there is no safe limit for alcohol. But it must be remembered that the men should not drink more than 14 alcoholic drinks per week, which amounts to two glasses of beer a day. If the same amount of alcohol increases, it could provoke considerable problems in intimate life, and not only among men but also among the fair sex.