Top 5 products that get rid of acne

Acne - a problem that is causing trouble to many people. In some cases, the primary cause of skin rash can serve the wrong food. It is necessary to change eating habits or to take time off from the usual products, you will notice a change. And these changes can occur both for the better and for the worse. Everything depends on what particular food prevail in your diet.

Clean water

For our body there is nothing better than pure water. Avoid sodas and other drinks in favor of pure water, and the result will not make you wait long. Water cleanses the body at the cellular level, removing it from toxins, thereby supporting a healthy appearance and youthful skin. Adequate intake of clean water will help prevent skin dehydration. It will not peel off and will persist longer elastic.

Experts advise drinking water at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. That is, a person weighing 70 kg should drink per day about 2 liters of water.

Olive oil

It is best to cook food in olive oil. It is very useful not only for your skin but also for the whole body. In the olive oil contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 fatty acids), and vitamins to maintain normal skin condition. Since vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight disease-causing bacteria, and helps to keep the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin A has anti-inflammatory properties, and also improve skin elasticity.

Keep in mind that the olive oil is possible not only to take in food, but also used as a cosmetic. Olive oil is a component of many creams and masks.

Fish and meat

Fish and meat - a source of high-grade animal protein. Adequate protein intake is a good prevention of various skin problems, including acne and pimples. Proteins help to make the skin smooth and elastic, as well as allow you to keep the body in good physical shape. In addition, fish (especially oily) contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which we discussed above.

Nuts and wheat

The value of wheat kernels and mainly consists in the fact that these products contain a large amount of the trace element selenium. This element has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action, which, in particular, helps to avoid the appearance of acne on his face. Also, nuts and wheat contain vitamins A, E, and unsaturated fatty acids. Doctors claim that if you include these foods in your diet, it can be relatively quickly notice a change for the better.

Green tea

The value of the green tea is in many respects the content therein of components such as catechins. These substances have a pronounced anti-inflammatory properties, and is also actively fight free radicals that spoil the appearance of the skin, causing premature aging. In general, such properties of green tea and allow it to deal with such a problem like acne. Beauticians are advised to take green tea not only inside, but also as a cosmetic product in the form of a lotion or tonic. This will help you cope with a local inflammatory process, as well as eliminate acne and pimples with the skin.