The habit of teeth grinding is not harmless

According to Vice-prizident Federal Chamber of German dentists (BZ & Auml; K) Dietmar Esterrayha, every second person is sometimes grinding his teeth, and one in five does so regularly. Some skrezhaschat only at night, and others - and also in the afternoon. However, this step is developing a much greater force than chewing, and up to 600 kg /cm & sup2 ;.

The habit of teeth grinding leads to dental relief stitching, loose teeth enamel and their original shape. Damaged so teeth become more sensitive and susceptible to temperature and other stimuli. Grinding destroys fillings, crowns, leads to the cleavage of entire teeth.

Creaking teeth at night often experience pain in the morning of the jaw muscles, which sometimes gives to the neck or temples. In the long run you may experience dizziness and vision problems, reduced mobility of the cervical spine. To avoid night krezhetaniya jaw teeth special tires are used, and the day people need to control their own actions.

Dietmar Esterrayh encourages analyze the circumstances in which you usually grind their teeth. Often this occurs in the concentration of special points and physical stress. Experts advise in such moments, always remembering the need to be handled with care with his jaw.