Peeling Scalp: 3 effective prescription

Condition the hair depends on the condition of the skin of the head - in fact it affects how fast and how strong and healthy tresses grow. But unfortunately it is the scalp for some reason we do not pay much attention. How to fix the situation? First of all, start a regular basis - once a week or ten days to use special peeling means. You can - cooked at home.

Clay-salt scrub. 2 tablespoons of salt (preferably, of course, the sea - medium ground, but if it is not at hand, take your usual cookbook), mix with 2 tablespoons of dry cosmetic clay. We recommend using the blue - it has the most powerful effect children. Then we plant a mixture of water or herbal decoction (chamomile, nettle, birch buds and leaves) to the consistency of sour cream and add 8 drops of rosemary oil (can be replaced by any other essential oil, which has a positive effect on hair). Wetting the hair and scalp and causes vehicle. Massaging five to ten minutes. We reserve the scrub on the skin for another ten minutes and wash off with shampoo.

Salt and aloe. Salt mix with chopped fresh leaves in the pulp of aloe to obtain a thick mass. Rub into the scalp before washing hair (pre-soaking the head).

"Acid" peeling. For deep cleansing of the scalp can also use fruit juices: apple, orange, lemon. Freshly juice (you can use kakoy-to one can - Mix equal proportions of all three) is rubbed into the damp scalp massage movements, then distributed over the entire length of hair (even fruit acids contained in this miracle lotion to clean the surface from dust and hair cosmetics residues, primarily on silicones, which accumulate on the surface of the hair, deprives it shine). And leave for a couple of minutes. Wash off with shampoo.