Named the pros and cons of an afternoon nap

Many adults believe that sleep in the afternoon - a luxury. Often among the busy schedule is not even 10 minutes for a nap. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the naps brings positive changes in our memory, it helps to normalize the pressure and improves mood. However, an afternoon nap can also threaten your heartburn and diabetes. So where's all the same to enjoy the siesta?

Not so long ago, scientists conducted an experiment in which two groups of tested care volunteers after siesta. But one managed to sleep more than an hour, an afternoon nap and the other group did not last more than 20 minutes. It is the second group in the end and were pleased with the results of research. These subjects were more attentive, and those who slept more than an hour, suffered from an overabundance of sleep.

In addition, experts say that the siesta normalizes blood pressure and is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Also, After dozing for a while during the day, people are comfortable with the external stimuli. Siesta cleanses the brain from information overload and promotes creative upsurge. Often people sleepy sharply perceives distractions and it's hard to keep yourself under control. And only 15 minutes of daytime sleep is enough to tidy up your brain.

However, not all so smoothly. In addition to the fans, and opponents have a siesta. For example, Jacob Vitebsk surgeon claimed that sleep contributes to heartburn after dinner because of the fact that the gas bubble after a meal moves in a horizontal position. A heartburn, in turn, is fraught with respiratory diseases:. Chronic cough, asthma and pharyngitis are also researchers from England and China were able to establish a link between afternoon nap and the development of diabetes. It turned out that the siesta fans are more prone to this disease. This is due to simple: after the meal while sleeping in the body is elevated blood sugar and insulin at the same time. And, as a result of: organ tissues cease to feel and absorb insulin. Another version: this is what in siesta usually need those people who do not get enough sleep at night and are inactive.

Thus, reviewing the pros and cons, decide for yourself whether your afternoon nap or not needed.