Why nothing changes in your life?

Coaches and psychologists often say that as soon as the man is able to deal with its internal problems, he becomes successful, rich and happy. However, this is not quite true. Coach Christine Hassler explains what changes are taking place in the inner world of man and how it affects his life.

People often complain that they are working on them, but feel only internal changes, but life does not change around. Personal growth and physical perfection are invisible to others.

Perhaps you could get rid of limiting beliefs to cope with emotional problems and correct behaviors. Now wait for the start of the transformation of your life. It seems that any day you shed the rain of money to begin a happy relationship, find a dream job easily, not even have to send resumes and go to interviews. Wait a week, a year, but nothing happens.

If the expectations of the external changes are not justified, it is not necessary to be upset and think that you are not good enough or are working on a world I do not like your new internal image.

"When I began to study the question of compliance with the internal world outside, I realized that the external, physical world is static. Our emotional, intellectual and spiritual condition can change suddenly, and the transformation of the external world occur gradually, "- says Christine Hassler.

She notes that this understanding has made her more patient, "I am focused on the domestic progress and began to think that my body's health is much more important than what the body does. As time went on, I began to notice that the internal changes began to affect both the appearance of my body, and my way of life and relationships. "

The next time you worry about what internal changes are not reflected in your life, remember that the physical world does not change immediately. Try to suppress my need to immediately be rewarded for what you do. Get rid of the dependence on external results. Measure the progress of the quality of internal changes, rather than what is happening outside.

Do not forget that as soon as we begin to feel completely renewed, there comes a time trials. We find ourselves in situations similar to those in which there were before. Many worry: "Is this really happening to me again? I passed through it and learned his lesson well! "Did you really know it, but now had a chance to apply the knowledge in practice and integrate them into life.

For example, before you are attracted to the wrong people and wound up a romantic relationship with them. You realize that, working on self-esteem, creating a new installation. Now sure, that is not empty in my life "toxic" people, no matter how attractive they may be. But next to continue to emerge losers, parasites and other undesirable personality. You can not understand why this is happening.

Do not be upset and think with you that something is wrong and you have not coped with psychological problems. This is a chance to say a firm "no", "toxic" man is the only way of knowledge and emotional readiness to become a personal experience.

If your inner world (feelings, thoughts and attitude towards him) changed and you become increasingly feel compassion, love, tranquility and accept yourself, continue to change. Focus on internal changes and one day will realize that life was different.