How to put himself in a good shape for the summer, if you've not played sports

Many people only think about the spring will look like in the summer, immediately run to the gym and start hard to do. But it is possible to clean up long before the first hike to the beach, just observing simple guidelines.

Let's face it: We love it when our body like other people. Every year in the spring, many are thinking, how they will look on the beach or during a picnic. For those regulars gyms, living in a temperate climate, coined the term "snowdrop" - a man who appears in the gym during snowmelt.

Sports, of course, useful. But it is important to understand and accept one idea from which everything becomes easier: we want to play sports, to please themselves and others. This thesis and take basis.

Like yourself and others - our goal. Bringing the body in shape - a long occupation.

Learn about the state of the organism

First you need to know the current state of the body and contact the medical center. Doctors will measure height, weight, strength, lung capacity, blood pressure and heart rate, determine the body mass index, the ratio of bone and muscle tissue, cellular activity, the amount of water in the body, exploring the heart. After examination the doctor will write a report and recommend a diet change or do suitable for your sport.

If you know what state is your body, and do not want to go to the doctor, you can skip this step and determine the body mass index alone: ??divide your weight in kilograms by height in meters, erected in the square.

Values ??from 18 to 25 show that body weight is normal.

Once you have explored your body, fleshing out the purpose and name the criteria of beauty that you are missing: cubes on press pumped ass, big biceps, broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Depending on what you want, you will need to either lose weight or disappoint.


Regular load leads to a decrease in fat mass, although because of the strengthening of the muscles may initially seem that you gain weight. To load the body weight loss aerobic exercise. In this case, the body uses oxygen produced during respiration. During aerobic exercise, it is important to monitor the pulse.

Acceptable corridor for 30-year-old man - from 115 to 150 beats per minute, for 50 years - 100-135 beats. It is important to engage in sports for at least 20 minutes three times a week.

If you want to see the cubes on the press - this is what you need.

A simple and effective way - jogging. It does not require the purchase of gym equipment or specific and best suited to people with zero physical training. But like any other sport, it requires self-control and discipline. We'll have to accustom themselves to proper breathing techniques (to learn how to breathe through the nose and mouth at the same time), as well as running in bad weather and frost.

Those who think running boring suit other types of training: biking, swimming, or team sports (basketball, volleyball, soccer).

If you play sports seriously at first, start with long walks or Nordic walking.

The basis of a set of muscle mass - anaerobic exercise, accompanied by heart rate, higher than the aerobic corridor. When performing anaerobic exercise blood does not have time to deliver oxygen to muscles. The disadvantage is compensated by ambient oxygen resulting in the splitting of glycogen in the muscles.

Gradually, the body stores more glycogen, increasing strength endurance. A muscle growth - reaction to the power load.

Anaerobic load men do massive and powerful, and the girls give a roundness in the right places and remove superfluous.

The easiest way to increase muscle mass - powerlifting. This set of basic exercises: squats, bench press or incline bench, deadlift. Basic exercises involve the entire musculature.

Through Powerlifting drove too fat. Strength training not only burns a lot of calories, but also contributes to higher energy costs outside the hall, as the more muscle requires a lot of energy.

Bodybuilding in Soviet times was known as "Bodybuilding". Unlike powerlifting, where the main thing - the increase in strength, bodybuilding is designed to create a harmonious, muscular body. In addition to the base, bodybuilders performing isolation exercises for individual muscle groups for the harmonious appearance of the muscles.

Eat right

Sport activities include not only exercises but also a lifestyle change. a sufficient amount of sleep is required for effective training, reducing the overall level of stress and proper nutrition. Athletes, fans tend to underestimate the importance of nutrition.

Number eaten proteins, fats and carbohydrates consumed and used during the day to count calories on a regular basis is desirable. Previously eaten athletes recorded in a notebook, but now, thanks to the web services and mobile applications, to control the diet may even lazy.

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, drink more water and eat less salt, spicy and fried.

For fat burning in the body need to make a slight calorie deficit. It is important to understand that with a sharp transition to a low-calorie diet the body will operate in economy mode. Scientists have shown that with the fat in the body active muscle mass and decreases in a low-calorie diet and daily aerobic exercise than with loads in combination with food to maintain current weight.

Reduce calorie diet gradually. For starters eliminate fatty, sweet and flour and start to eat more often throughout the day, but in small portions. In the two hours before and two hours after the workout refrain from meals. After six o'clock in the evening eat a low-calorie healthy foods: green vegetables, low-fat protein foods.

After a week or two to compare the weight of the same. If it has not changed, it is possible to reduce the calorie content of 10% and see how the body reacts more in two weeks.

Lose weight without harm to health can only be for 2-4 kilograms per month.

For muscle recruitment eat high-calorie foods high in protein and low - fat and fast carbohydrates. Before exercise eat two hours after it - an hour and a half. Immediately after exercise is helpful to use a protein-carbohydrate drink. Before going to bed bodybuilders eat low-fat cottage cheese or drink a beverage portion of casein - a protein that is found in curd and digested slowly.