Named the most unfortunate dishes for a first date

The first date is one of the most exciting, and it is very important not to make a mistake. in the field of healthy food Experts have called the products that are best not to drink during a romantic dinner.

Garlic bread. Garlic in this species of bread would cause very characteristic breath, which is unpleasant for many people. In the kiss after a first date can not count.

Broccoli. This product contains the insoluble fiber which cause excessive gassing. And this is the last thing you want to face on a first date.

Lasagna. Best to avoid the temptation to dine lasagna or pasta on a first date. These products contain many carbohydrates, which causes severe fatigue and drowsiness. Yes, our bodies need carbohydrates, but too much processed carbohydrates into a deep sleep.

Chocolate cakes. Consumption of chocolate, and especially after some hearty dinner, provoke a violent attack of heartburn.

Spicy food. Containing a large number of chili peppers and similar spices dishes violate the chemistry of the digestive system and cause heartburn.

Chewing gum. Be sure to check what ingredients contains your chewing gum. If it contains xylitol, which usually replace sugar, gum it causes gas, bloating and cramping in the stomach.

Burrito. Rich fiber foods like beans in the burrito is a mess in the digestive tract. Of course, we need fiber for normal operation of the system, but their excess provokes bloating and gas.

Seafood. Eating crayfish or lobster on a first date is not recommended. We are not talking about some consequences for the organism, but about the process of eating these foods (greasy fingers and mouth, unpleasant sucking sounds, etc.) that looks very presentable and repulsive to many.

Spaghetti. Again, we reject the spaghetti for the same reasons as the lobsters crayfish. The problem is an unpleasant sound of suction, which emit a lot of people, when trying to take in the mouth long spaghetti.

Salads. This diet requires a very long chewing, and salad ingredients such as spinach or kale, often get stuck between the teeth. If you want to try the vegetables, then order those that were cooked on a grill.