How to lose extra weight and avoid sagging skin folds?

Many of the weight loss stops are not lazy, and the idea that a new body you will have to get along with your skin for a few sizes too big. Or go for the operation. Can this be avoided?

Star nutritionist Matt Roberts says yes.

"Look at the weight loss is no big deal. You simply reduce your diet to 800 calories and lose weight rapidly. Wait, do not do it! "- He says.

In the first place, "I have not yet met a single person who after such a diet would not have gained the weight back. This unstable effect, "Roberts said.

The second mistake - you simply cut the amount of food and start eating only what
think healthy food: apples, cereals and so on. It is not right.

To reduce weight, thus stay healthy and do so without wrinkling of the skin - slowly need to lose weight. Yes, it takes a long time, but your body will be able to podstoritsya. Do not expect that in a few months you become Thumbelina. No, you can lose weight, but will take the form of a Shar Pei, says nutritionist.

Average weight loss takes a long couple of years, at least.

The first thing you need to do: to give up refined foods and pure sugar.

Second, calculate your diet to it were submitted to the proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. The carbohydrates you need every day. Eat them.

Third, the approximate calorie content of your diet should be about 1800 kcal. But do not get hung up on counting, you get tired of doing it all my life. Stay well-being.

The fourth activity. All food should be burned. If you are stationary, all to no purpose. If you have knees hurt, neither do walking, go to the pool. Have mercy and love yourself, but be consistent.

"Remember that no diet alone will not give you a healthy body. You need to change the way of life, and do it gradually and inexorably ", - the expert emphasizes.