How to store various products

Organize a competent storage in the kitchen - it is not an easy task. Number of cabinets, shelves and jars limited, and food in the kitchen a lot. Some of them kept for a long time, so they can purchase in advance in large quantities.

It only remains to decide how to properly equip them within the average kitchen. There are some secrets that will help expand the convenient products for cabinets, refrigerators and shelves.

Sharing tips competent storage in the kitchen the most different products. Now, vegetables, cereals, fruits, bulk products will find its rightful place and very convenient!

Vegetables and fruits

Basically all fruits quite successfully and safely stored in a refrigerator. Place them in the drawers, their pre-lay a paper towel. They will absorb excess moisture and will prevent the process of decay. The only exceptions are bananas, lemons and limes, which should be stored in a cool dark place.

Vegetables less whimsical storage issues. Root usually do not require low temperatures and can be stored in dark boxes. Cover the bottom of their paper towels. They can be quickly changed, maintaining cleanliness. Soft vegetables are best kept in the fridge on the same principle as that of fruit.

Greens quite choosy and not stored for a long time. To extend this Wash greens, dry thoroughly on paper towels, chop and place in a sealed plastic bag, the laid all the same paper towels. Only then submit the greens in the refrigerator.


Cereals have a long shelf life. That is why they can be purchased in advance in large quantities, so as not to detect the absence of food for dinner one evening. Cereals should be stored in a dark place that is well protected against moisture.

Look for variations of the internal storage of cereals in the kitchen cabinets. You can buy the special glass containers for storing in the same style. They are sealed and easy to use.

Bulk solids

Tea, coffee, sugar, flour and other dry products can be stored on the same principle as cereals and pasta. The only requirement: Try to store them in a dark, dry place. Moisture and sunlight adversely affect the shelf life and properties.

The ideal option would be glass jars and containers. The products that you use more often than others, should be a convenience to put in the front row.

Bread and pastries

Bread and pastries recommended that you store in a special basket. Cover the bottom of it with paper towels and wrap foods to crumb not rained, and baked goods are not desiccate.

If bread or muffins still a little stale, you can easily restore it to its former softness. Wrap them with wet paper towels and send in the microwave for a few minutes at maximum power. Keep in mind that this technique only works once.

Meat, poultry and fish

It's pretty simple. Basically meat, poultry and fish are kept in a freezer. This is the easiest way to maintain them in an edible form for a long time.

Do not forget to cut the carcass before you remove them in the refrigerator. You can defrost as much product as you need. Re-frozen meat, poultry and fish can not be, because the bacteria multiply in them even more active when temperatures drop.

If you are not going to freeze meat, pack it into two packages and store on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, carpeted it with paper towels in several layers.