Night snacking impair memory

US scientists conducted the study, during which failed to prove that night snacking - not a harmless activity and in the future they may lead to the fact that a person will not only problems with being overweight, but also memory.

The scientists who conducted the study, failed to prove that the food intake in non-normalized time, among other things, disrupts the human biological clock, but in order to bring everything back to square one, need a very long time, and perhaps even diet.

Scientists have been able to find out what the matter is that this habit leads to dissonance functions, prevailing over the body. The biological clock, "knocked down" Night visit to the fridge, ends up being significantly worsens the work areas of the brain responsible for memory.

In addition, over time, it begins to deteriorate the fact perception of the received information storage and processing. The man eventually could simply slow down the development. Scientists are advised to sleep at night, and even if a person woke up with a sense of hunger, then overcome it with a glass of water, drunk in one gulp.