How to stop content with little: 5 Ways

As a child we dream about many things: change the world, to conquer the mountains and the depths of the sea, to write a book and invent something. But over time, we begin to appreciate the stability and security and give up their desires. Psychologist Jill Weber tells about five ways to help you keep the faith in their own strength.

Dissatisfaction with life occurs when a person is constantly agrees to the fact that he wants, and that is understandable, safe and easily achievable. When you start to make decisions that reflect your desires, you begin to feel better and better feel, the more confident you become.

Do not give up the adventure, meetings with interesting people and activities that you like. Not afraid of difficulties. And for daring fate rewards you. Every day she provides a lot of opportunities.

Start living a full life is easy, if you follow the five tips:

1. Stop the excuses of bad deeds OTHERS

You are constantly trying to find an excuse for other people's rudeness toward you? "It was a tough day, so he screams and swears dirty" or "My mother had a hard life, so it makes me work without rest. She just wished me good. "

Your behavior shows insecurity and problems in the relationship. Instead of trying to justify other please be courage and talk to the person who offended you. If you meekly accept that your family discount you as a person, ignore what you do, and behave rudely, then you do not respect yourself and voluntarily give up a normal life.

2. Understand that you do not get what you want, not because of some higher powers, but because of ourselves

It happens something unpleasant or something that prevents the implementation of your plans, and you say to yourself: "This is a higher power so decided." Life is unfair sometimes, but not always. Every time you try to do what you want, start with a clean slate. Otherwise, the load of past failures make you vulnerable. And you can not reach the heights in relationships, work and other areas.

3. Realize that being alone does not mean being abandoned

The fact that you are alone, does not mean that you do something wrong. If you can not stand loneliness and start looking for flaws in themselves, to criticize their decisions, appearance, character, you can easily fall into the toxic love or friendship. This is what happens when people try to get rid of loneliness at all costs. Accept the fact that you are alone, and after a while will meet the right people.

4. Learn how to talk about what you want DO NOT HESITATE TO REPEAT THIS

You can not get anything until you fully accept and are not aware of their desires and do not tell them about family and those around you. Make contact with your desires, both large and small. Talk about them with family, friends and acquaintances. Say them out loud. Then you will not have escape routes.

5. Do not settle for something that you do not want

We often settle for what is offered, in order to avoid conflict and not to spoil relations. If you are willing to do something that does not really want to please a partner, you ignore your needs, to lose their identity. When you are asked what you want for lunch, do not respond immediately, pause. Ask yourself: "What kind of dish I really would like to see on the table?" And only then honestly answer the question of the interlocutor.