Healthy relationship - a matter of choice, not chance

Have you noticed that some chronically unlucky? They are loyal friends, abused partners con colleagues. But perhaps the healthy and unhealthy relationships - is the result of our conscious choice? What mistakes hinder us on the path to a healthy partnership?

Do you often find yourself in a toxic relationship? Instead of saying: "I just had no luck", "I constantly meet people's inadequate," or ask, "Why is it happens all the time with me", it is necessary to realize that such a relationship is not coincidental. We choose them.

People who know how to build a healthy relationship - not the lucky ones who are lucky in the lottery. They just know how to make the right choice.

Here are five signs that you will not be able to create a healthy relationship.

1. You are constantly greeted with the bad guys

All the men that you meet, are the bad guys? It's time to think about the fact that healthy, happy girl will not long tolerate next to him those characters. Faced once a toxic person in the future they can smell them a mile away and sidestep.

If you consistently connect his life with the bad guys, it is worth considering how you recover from the psychological point of view. Why did you agree to ensure that you mistreated? What are the benefits you can get from the relationship with toxic people? What is the meaning of these relations? Recall whether your present relationships, those who have been in the past?

2. Do you believe, that love - is a fluke

Our love is not subject to the will and common sense, but if you regularly find yourself in a relationship with unworthy people, it is not associated with love. Perhaps you just want to be necessary for someone to pay attention to you. For you, it does not matter, it is a positive or negative attention.

Perhaps you will say that this is not so. But if your parents' family constantly quarrel occurred, you are likely to find such a relationship normal.

When we meet love, in this meeting, there is an element of randomness. However, it is we who decide how close are the relations, if they continue, if they should turn out to be unhealthy. Healthy people do not allow toxic partners to enter into your heart.

3. Do you consider yourself VICTIM

A healthy person chooses a partner based on their values, beliefs and self-confidence. Anyone who says, "Well, again, the same thing! Why is this happening to me? Why always me being mistreated? "Voluntarily agrees to play the role of a victim without even knowing about it.

Poor, if your partner is rude and short-tempered, presses on you psychologically or use force. But the worst thing is that you know that regularly enter into a relationship with toxic people, and do not want it to stop. You choose the pain instead of joy. Healthy relationships arise only between healthy people, who together make a healthy choice.

4. you blame others for their problems

The emergence of some people in our lives - it is a great success. Every day, fate presents us with opportunities, but they are not all happy. Healthy people are able to recognize negative and refuse to open the door for him.

Unhealthy people are "open the door" to all in a row, and then blamed for their failures love not himself, but the bad weather, bright sun, or the people around them-villain destiny.

5. YOU THINK that to blame PARTNER

Unhealthy people accuse each other that the relationship had problems. In a healthy relationship partners recognize their mistakes, take responsibility and work together to solve problems.

The first step to such a relationship - it is the realization that they can only be the result of our conscious choice, and not the result of random coincidences. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you learn to assess their capabilities and make healthy choices.