Diabetes mellitus: 10 steps to prevent

Diabetes in our time is not new - they suffer about 60% of the world population, and this figure is increasing every year. In much of this "merit" sweet drinks, fast food and a sedentary lifestyle. Important role played by heredity - if in the family there were cases of the disease, we need to be particularly cautious. But the disease can still be avoided. The main thing is to comply with 10 important rules.

Fitness every day

Any exercise (strength or cardio) establishing flow of insulin in the body, thereby reducing blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood. In addition, exercise helps reduce weight and improve the cardiovascular system (another risk factor of diabetes). Therefore, at least one day paid to sport for at least 30 minutes.

A balanced diet

Blood sugar levels can be monitored and by means of dieting. Carefully follow the consumption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates (1: 1: 4 respectively), as well as food calorie. To reliably adjust your diet, consult a dietitian.

Eat foods from whole grains

Also help forestall diabetes and cereals. This slow useful source of carbohydrates which provide the necessary energy for the body, but, in contrast to fast, it does not provoke a violent release of glucose into the blood and, consequently, a sharp rise in insulin.

Forget the pizza and hot dogs

Most of the dishes from the category of "fast food" contains a huge amount of fats and carbohydrates (after a week of such food can gain a couple of kilos). Harmful structure promotes the deposition of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels and metabolic process that will result in a consequence of diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Cinnamon for normalizing blood sugar

Every day or every other day, add in food cinnamon. This spice contains enzymes. They act on cell membranes, enhancing their interaction with insulin. Studies have shown that cinnamon may lower blood sugar levels by 10%.

Drink coffee.

Coffee lovers less likely to suffer from diabetes because caffeine effectively combats sugar level. It helps to speed up metabolism in the body and the body's absorption of glucose by cells.

Fighting overweight

Being overweight increases the risk of diabetes by 70%! But the good news is that while losing weight at least a 5% risk of falling by half! Calculate your body mass index (weight in the index, divide height in centimeters) and, if the figure exceeds 25-30 term loans with their health.

Fight stress

Stress in our time have become commonplace, which rarely pay attention. But stress and its consequences must be fought because it can raise blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The most effective means to relieve nervous tension - meditation, breathing exercises and swimming.

Sleep 7-8 hours a day

Lack of sleep (less than 6 hours) and an excess (more than 8 hours), diabetes increases the risk significantly. How lack of sleep, and interspersing disrupt the nervous system, resulting in impaired hormonal balance and metabolism. All this may result in an increase in blood sugar levels and reducing the amount of insulin.

Monitor the level of sugar

Diabetes is often called the "silent" disease because often it occurs in a latent form, manifesting only mild symptoms, went unheeded. Therefore each year, preferably every six months, blood tests on glucose levels, which will help to notice that something was wrong and begin treatment.