Small Pleasures: why it is important to appreciate their

The pleasure of life must be tangible. We look for it in expensive purchases, exotic countries, major life events. But this is not enough & minus; full of happiness and need small pleasures.

In ordinary life, we rarely pay attention to the pleasant things. Not that they were not at all - we just think that the pleasure of working in a different way. It does not come by itself - it must be won or earned. It is not lying under your feet - it should look. And it always has a price.

Here it is what activates our sense of pleasure.

1. something expensive

The higher the price we paid for the item or service, the more fun we expect to receive. The trip will be more fun if you hoarded it for six months, and the wine for a hundred dollars - tastier than twenty (although the sommelier of you so-so).


We are ready to stand in long queues for tickets to the exhibition of the famous artist, even if only heard about it the day before yesterday, and at other times a little interested in painting. But he was taken for two weeks - you can not miss this chance!

3. I know something

Busker, we passed on the way to work, can be a virtuoso, but we do not observe. It is this experience once done violinist Joshua Bell - came in transition in simple clothes and began to play. Most people passed by, and only a few stopped to listen. But his name on the posters attracts thousands of people.

4. something significant

We believe that the need for happiness weighty reason. Wedding, promotion, graduation. For the "special cases" we save up not only expensive wine, but also your mood.


For this dress you are hunting for two months, following the news about sales, we saved money. But here it is in your wardrobe, and suddenly you realize that it is not averse to buy something else. novelty effect disappears - and the joy of owning fades.

Why is it important to appreciate the small pleasures

All of this is understandable, because the joy really felt stronger when it does not occur immediately, and does not come for free. The problem occurs when we recognize only this type of fun, and no other.

First, the high expectations are not always met. Let's say you plan the perfect vacation. First day - arrival in a small hotel, dinner in a cozy cafe with a view of the main cathedral, walk on the evening city. But the plan fails: you have to wait until your room is ready, in a cafe your order mixed up, and in the evening it began to rain. Instead of joy and peace you feel irritation. Why do not you lucky?

Secondly, we are learning to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us every day. We pass the unusual buildings not far from the house, not even trying to learn their history. We rarely ask about the lives of their parents and grandparents, because they are always there, but strive to communicate with the idols, which already know of almost all articles.

We can get more out of life with joy, if the open impression that previously seemed unimportant. Here are a few steps that you need to do, to make this possible.

Tune in to your feelings

Our body is designed so that some sense of naturally brought joy. A drink of water after a long journey under the scorching sun, the sun in the sky after a week of cloudy and rainy weather, a cool shower after a workout. Start with the study itself & minus; what you like, with the arrangement of apartments, rooms.

Odor, color temperature & minus; Be alert to all. Try something new every week, including massage, unusual dishes, herbal teas. Give your feelings of room for expansion.

LIVE rhythmic

Downloading myself work for a week and even on weekends mentally move from the living room to the operating room, we break life balance. Alternate moments of tension and relaxation, often pauses to prepare yourself a reward - and you will get rid of the painful feelings of dissatisfaction.

Are guided by their tastes

Sometimes, we are committed to something without realizing that actually want another. Why? One of the reasons - we want to impress others. We subconsciously seek to ensure that our choice was approved by the other. Try to understand, in any case, you are doing something for the sake of someone else's evaluation, and public - follow your true desires.

LOVE spontaneity

In life there are many joys that come to us themselves. We just need to learn to notice them and appreciate the moments of warmth. Perhaps you think the life of routine and you envy the bloggers who write about every day extraordinary moments that happen to them.

But you have a lot of interesting things happening - you just escape from their problems and look around.

Raduyte OTHER

The joy of what we are involved in the lives of others - perhaps the most accessible and inspiring. Prepare small surprises for loved ones, asking them about what they are interested in, how was their day, pleased, surprised them.

The ability to enjoy bird in the hand still is not talking about the fact that we do not deserve more. But without it, we risk to miss most of the amazing things that are happening in our right under the nose.

Take a look now at what you have achieved what you have. Sometimes we are so absorbed in the work and the race for new achievements that we do not notice what we already have. We are like robots continue to go forward and do not show any emotions do not. This is a losing move, you can achieve much more only when you are able to enjoy every detail. It certainly spur us to new achievements. But you can enjoy not only some material achievements, but also simple, for example, your child's smile, the good mood of the second half, a vacation that you will receive soon and go to the resort, a trip on a picnic with friends and so on.

From the environment it depends on many things. So, what kind of people you surround yourself affect your mental and physical condition. You just have to communicate with positive, kind and bright people who will pull you to a success, rather than at the bottom. In a company the ability to enjoy every little thing comes by itself.

Humor best friend, remember this always. Some would have the situation did not work, you can get out of it with the help of humor. The ability to laugh at himself will raise your spirits and positive energy.

Do not be too self-critical to yourself, sometimes it's better to look at the situation with new eyes and to give, it seemed, would be a serious situation, a bit of humor. This will help avoid a lot of stress, because the situation has already occurred and can not change anything, but change the mood you are in power. Try not to focus on the problems and failures, instead make yourself useful conclusions for the future and put the goal in front of him.

Infinitely important to be able to see and appreciate the small pleasures of life. Such, of which one and built our great happiness.