Whether the stomach is stretched with overeating?

Stomach - a flexible muscular organ, it is there going food processing gastric juice and its transformation into chyme (semiliquid mush). Whenever you eat a large portion of food and drink plenty of fluids, the stomach expands to accommodate all that you yourself just pleased. But as partially digested food passes from the stomach into the duodenum for the next stage of digestion, it begins to shrink again, and gradually return to its normal size.

Fully stomach relieved after 2-3 hours after eating. Thus, an isolated case of overeating will not lead to an increase in gastric volume and does not make you eternally hungry and insatiable. But what happens if you regularly "indulge" herself and her stomach large portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we asked to speak to an expert.

"Regular mechanical stretching gastric abundant food leads to a significant increase in its dimensions, and this in turn can cause not only an increase in body weight, but subsequently the omission of the stomach. In addition, the daily feast dangerous by the fact that the stretched stomach gradually ceases to take small portions of food - a feeling of satiety will attack only after a very, very heavy lunch or dinner. It should be noted that the liquid does not stay in the stomach longer than five minutes, so it is virtually unable to stretch him. Stomach stretch only solid food ", - says Natalya Fadeeva, MD dietician, endocrinologist, MD, Ph.D., an expert on weight loss.

On average, the volume of the empty stomach is 500 milliliters, but the stomach - a muscular organ, the admission of food it is stretched, usually up to one liter, but in obesity ryastyanuty stomach can reach 3-4 liters in volume.

Tensile itself - this is a symptom, and it is one of the many symptoms of obesity. Thus, the need to deal with not only sprawled stomach, as adjusted their dietary habits. In addition to stretching and ptosis of the stomach, people who are obese may appear different health problems - diaphragmatic hernia, a violation of the kinetic function of the gastrointestinal tract, a significant increase in the acidity of the stomach and gastroesophageal reflux - casting of gastric contents into the esophagus, which is often accompanied by belching and heartburn . Since the cause of all these problems with digestion is obesity, then you need to treat them in the same ways: diet therapy, physical activity and changing dietary patterns. And if you have gastrointestinal disease or suspected to have in any case can not engage in self - contact the person who will pick up treatment necessary for you.

As a result of the stretched stomach leads to a decrease in muscle tone, which can lead to stasis or stagnation in the stomach - the patient feels permanent overcrowding and severity. Plus, people with obesity stands out with hydrochloric acid in the stomach, than people with normal weight, and if the body does not produce as a defense more mucus that covers the stomach, gastritis and ulcer have revealed much more. Besides obesity distended stomach produces more enzymes for digestion, and the suction surface of the small intestine is increased by several times.

Reducing the size of the stomach - is not an end in itself. It should begin to lose weight as soon as possible - go to a regular five-vosmirazovoe nutrition and increase motor activity. Once that happens, the stomach itself gradually returns to its normal volume. At the same time there can be only small portions. So people will not feel hunger during the day and be able to lead an active life. Each portion should contain a large amount of fiber - it just gives a sense of volume and saturation - and be less caloric than the things that you have eaten before.

In respect of physical activity for people suffering from obesity, it is important not to go too far and be methodical and consistent. Optimally - a daily walk at your pace. At no time constraints, go as much as you can. The main thing - do it every day. In addition or alternatively, you can buy a subscription to the pool and go swimming. This type of cardio is great for people who are overweight, as during the voyage minimal stress on the joints. As far as people with normal body weight or extra five pounds, then there is no stretching of the stomach they do not and can not be.

Yes, from time to time on TV you can see the advertising procedures that supposedly can reduce the size of the stomach, thereby lose weight. Alas, many do believe such methods of "treatment" as a panacea for obesity. But this is not the case. In the absence of a balanced diet and of physical activity after such interventions the weight back again. We must once and for all to remember: Obesity - a chronic disease that requires chronic protective and balanced diet and regular physical activity throughout life. And if you still need to learn to eat right and exercise, then why go to these unsafe procedures for the body? Do not forget about all kinds of complication - from the banal gastritis, peptic ulcer disease and other chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract to form and strictures of obstruction.