Named the vegetables and herbs that reduce the likelihood of metastasis of breast cancer

A group of researchers from the University of Missouri found: possible, regular consumption of vegetables and herbs (eg celery, broccoli, parsley and thyme) reduces the likelihood of the formation of metastases in breast cancer. The secret is contained in these vegetables and herbs connection - luteolin, reports NDTV.

Experts focused on triple negative breast cancer. In this disease in cancer cells have three receptors conventional drugs whereupon they can not find these cells, and doctors have to use more aggressive therapies. Due to the stability of the tumor cells to the drug in patients with breast cancer metastases often appear triple negative cancer.

Scientists conducted a study on mice with triple negative breast cancer. Research has shown that luteolin prevented the formation of metastases in the lungs of rodents. In addition, the side effects associated with the use of luteolin was not registered. Researchers hope that luteolin helps people with triple negative breast cancer.