Safe Weight Loss: beware

Council invites the Council to help achieve results for weight loss and do not harm the body.

"Change is difficult, it is therefore better to do everything slowly, changing your habits one by one", - says the Tories Tedrou, dietician, chief specialist on the problems of nutrition in SugarChecked. Even when you find a meal plan, which, it seems, could adhere to, stay on course is easy - especially at first. So at the beginning of the path to the ideal body beware here these common mistakes.

Exclude from the diet certain foods

Or even the whole group to eat. If you're going to wave goodbye milk or gluten, it can be a big mistake. Attempts to dislodge from their food menu if you do not have allergies to them, can lead to unexpected results. "About the forbidden fruit as you should all know, so that your fevered mind of a slice of cheese can turn into nectar and ambrosia", - says Adina Pearson, dietitian clinic in Walla Walla Washington. Worse arising deficit increases the risk of an uncontrolled pounce on tidbits of food trapped under the sanctions - and overeat.

Ignore hunger signals

Tell me if you feel hungry after half an hour after the "diet" meal? As you can see, the attempt to control the portion size - not always a good idea. "Instead of blindly following someone else's rules try to listen to your feelings of satiety" - advises Pearson. The feeling of deprivation of something can confuse even the most single-minded of us. "Eat up to saturation, rather than following someone else's idea of ??how much you should consume - said the expert. - Be flexible and change according to their own needs. "

Change all at once

"You are quite capable to follow a specific diet or exercise plan, not rushing into the maelstrom of his head on the first day," - says Edwin Clark, a dietitian, chief specialist on the problems of nutrition in Yummly. Enter them into your life gradually. "We appreciate the enthusiasm, but long-term weight loss is associated with the gradual addition of new life habits that you can maintain over the years", - says Clark. Add them with the intervals to be convenient for you. For example, the first increase in the amount of exercise training, and as soon get used to this regime, practice changes in diet. It may take several months.

Cooking or exercise instead of sleeping

To start exercising and eat a fresh, often need a lot of time and effort. If you suddenly find that sacrifice sleep in order to do everything - stop. "During sleep, hunger and satiety hormones come into balance, the muscles are restored," - explains Caroline Apovian, director of nutrition and weight control center at Boston Medical Center. Plus, if you do not sleep enough, you will be more difficult to control themselves and to resist the many temptations. Studies have even shown that people with a lack of sleep consume an average of 385 calories per day more than usual.

Choose a workout on the number of calories burned

While running, calories burned, perhaps more than in the yoga room, but if you do not like running, likely will be missing a workout. And do not lose a single kilogram. "Always include employment at least one of the favorite exercises - advises Tedrou. - And remember dancing to favorite Zumbe regularly 3-4 times a week, you will spend more calories than forcing myself a couple of times a week on the trail hated Body Pump ?.