6 drinks that replace

Many of us simply do not represent their morning without coffee. A breath of fresh coffee - it's like the first step that sets the rhythm of the day ahead. Often we do not only invigorates the coffee in the morning, feeling a kind of addiction. If you are thinking over what to replace coffee, we suggest to familiarize with some alternatives that also will give you the courage and including the morning.

Green tea

Besides stimulating properties, it has several other important advantages. Green tea contains polyphenols and catechins, which is the most powerful antioxidants. In addition, the drink is rich in tannins, lipids, amino acids, vitamins and numerous micronutrients. Many studies have confirmed that drinking green tea helps to improve health. And yet it improves concentration, stimulates and refreshes. All this is due to the content of caffeine in green tea. Note that after the stimulating effect of tea comes a little later than that of coffee, however, last longer.

Mate tea

"Sacred Grass" Indians and South America is becoming more and more fans. This is a great alternative to coffee and tea. The fully mate microelements (sodium, magnesium, calcium, silicon, iron, potassium), vitamins (A, B1 B2 C, E, H) and antioxidants. This drink has many health promotion activities. He is an excellent antidepressant, relieves chronic fatigue condition and increases resistance to physical fatigue. But above all, mate tea stimulates and invigorates, and it does not cause addiction.


What can replace the coffee? Try chicory. A cup of this drink will give you a large amount of fiber, which regulates the digestive system and helps remove excess cholesterol from the body. Chicory also helps in combating constipation, speeds up the metabolism and stimulates the activity of the intestinal microflora. It should be noted that this is not a natural drink has such strong stimulating properties like green tea or yerba mate tea, but it certainly would have a good effect on your body.

Hot water with lemon

You ask if it works? The answer is - yes. Drinking every morning a glass of warm water with lemon, you will not only provide themselves with a solid dose of energy, but also improve the overall condition of the body, as this drink is a real vitamin bomb.

A drink with ginger

On the benefits of ginger knows almost everyone. Especially ginger is useful in autumn and winter as warm and anti-inflammatory effect. And yet it stimulates the digestive system and relieves some of the pain or ailments, such as headaches or PMS. Ginger is known to improve blood circulation, concentration, focus and mental performance. To prepare this drink you need to root ginger, lemon and honey. Two or three slices of ginger can be rubbed and pour boiling water. Lemon and honey add to taste and let stand for a while. Based on the main components of this drink, we can conclude that in addition to the energy charge easily you will strengthen the immune system and warm up the body.

Caution: Ginger is better not recommended for people who have stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers and gastric reflux patients.

Cocoa instead coffee.

A great option for those who find it difficult to abandon the rich and thick taste. Cocoa contains a minimum of caffeine, about the same as is in the portion of decaffeinated coffee. Bright, chocolate flavor - not only the dignity of cocoa. The high content of trace elements, in particular magnesium and calcium, potassium and zinc has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system in general. Especially well these substances strengthen the heart muscle. Cocoa is a fount of flavonoids. They improve the skin condition, and most importantly, to neutralize free radicals, thus protecting our cells from damage.