High and low blood pressure causes, prevention and treatment

Doctors told what is considered normal blood pressure who are more prone to high blood pressure, and that includes the high and low pressure prevention.

Arterial blood pressure - the pressure that blood exerts on the walls of blood vessels (arteries) with each heartbeat. The maximum pressure occurs when the reduction of the heart, which is called the systolic pressure (the big number). At the heart relaxation and minimum pressure is the diastolic (lower number).

A huge number of the survey helped to identify the average numbers of blood pressure (BP). But recently it began to be considered, and the individual characteristics of a person. Therefore, the World Health Organization recognizes normal indicators that are within the scope of 100-110 /70120-140 /90. Moreover, the pressure must be stable during the day, including at various physical and emotional stress. The pressure may be lower than normal - if this person feels good, do not worry. But if the pressure is higher than 140/90 it is better to consult a doctor - may have some changes, and we need to understand whether they should be treated, said the physician Natalia Smolikova.

The reasons for the high and low pressure

If a person is regularly faced with a decrease in blood pressure, it says hypotension. It is a chronic condition that often occurs on the background of overwork (in young people), weather changes, stress, women during the menstrual cycle. Hypotension associated with reduced vascular tone. Low blood pressure is and sharp. This single change in a certain pressure, which is associated with an overdose of any drugs, intoxication, poisoning or acute illness.

Pressurization can be acute or chronic. The sharp increase in blood pressure (crisis) associated with taking any drugs, such as hormones, use of large quantities of alcohol, strong emotional shock or stress. A chronic increase in blood pressure - hypertension, which is often associated with vascular changes, that is sealed vessel walls or malformations of the heart (congenital or acquired). Blood pressure may also be increased if you:

- Drank strong tea or coffee, ate a lot of chocolate, are in a smoky room;
- Taking medication based on liquorice root, herbal nerve stimulators (lemongrass, ginseng, Siberian ginseng);
- Nervous or walked briskly, carried the heavy bag up the stairs.

And hypotension, and hypertension are equally dangerous to humans. Hypotension results in deterioration of the supply organs with oxygen - hypoxia. Hypertension damaged vessels, including small, increases the risk of atherosclerosis. But it should be noted: hypertension can result in serious complications - stroke and heart attack.

Who is prone to high /low pressure

Visually, you can determine the propensity of man to an increased or reduced pressure. For example, high, adynamic (lean, have long arms and legs) in young people more likely to experience a decrease in pressure than the stocky, medium height. At older ages, the risk of "meet" with an increase in blood pressure is equally people have different physiques.

Of course, if there is a genetic predisposition in humans, he smokes, eats properly, is overweight, is not engaged in any physical activity - it can find out what is hypertension and 30 and 40 years. By hypotension tend to people with disturbed sleep mode, which lead malopodvizheny lifestyle.

Just say the propensity of man to the high or low pressure as possible after blood pressure measurements over 10 days. It is better to do it in the morning without getting up from the bed, and in the evening before bedtime. Thus it is necessary to record not only of BP but also their feelings, feeling (whether head hurt if the weakness felt, etc.).

What should I do if the pressure is increased /decreased

If the pressure is increased, it is necessary to find out how long it lasts for a day and a state with which it is associated. If the total calculation of blood pressure ups do not last more than 5-6 hours a day and are explained by physiological factors (excitement, physical activity, stress response), special treatment is not necessary.

Reducing blood pressure can help simple techniques of acupressure:

Press the pad of the thumb of his right hand at a point in the depth of the occipital fossa (where the spine attached to the head). Count to 10 and stop effects. Repeat twice.

Mentally divide the back of the neck into three equal parts horizontally. Now find three paired points on either side of the spine. Simultaneous exposure to each pair of pads of the thumbs of both hands. Count to 10 and proceed to the next pair of points, and then to the third.

Find a point located on the midline of the abdomen just below the sternum (it corresponds to the solar plexus). Push down on both her index, middle and ring fingers of both hands, count to 10 and release. Repeat 10 times.

If hypotension usually recommend a 10-hour night's sleep, relax in the afternoon, walk in the open air at least two hours a day, feasible exercise (swimming is best) and always use products with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. From any special ways we can recommend contrasting foot bath. This procedure significantly improves peripheral circulation. In a bowl, pour hot water (38-40 ? C), in another - cold. Lower the legs alternately in one direction and then in another container (procedure begin and end with hot water). Particularly intrepid can try a contrast shower.

In the case of low blood pressure, you can use the classic reception - to drink strong tea or brewed coffee, eat something salty, such as pickle, or a few pieces of fish. The sodium contained in salt, a few hours will bring you back to normal. Also, to increase the pressure may be suitable means with plant extracts, such as Siberian Ginseng, radiograms, infusion of lemongrass.

What can be done so as not to run into problems with pressure

Prevention of high and low blood pressure is a basic adherence to a healthy lifestyle - the person must be a normal day, a good sleep, you need physical activity, through which manages to rework and increased production of adrenalin to cope with the increased amount of blood sugar, it is important to eat right.

To minimize the incidence of hypertension is possible by using a special diet. Reduce salt intake (no more than 3.5 grams per day) - Sodium retains fluid in the body. And best of all, and discard it, replacing the spices. Provide adequate intake of calcium and magnesium in the body - they balance involved in blood pressure regulation at the cellular level. Magnesium is found in sunflower seeds, all beans, green vegetables, carrots, seaweed. Calcium can be obtained from dairy products, leafy vegetables: broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, asparagus and citrus.

In the case of chronic process need to pay attention to comprehensive treatment. It is necessary to comply with preventive measures, as well as taking medication prescribed by a doctor. In the treatment of hypertension, doctors adhere to international guidelines, which indicate exactly which medicines you need to assign different groups of people with different causes increase in pressure. It is believed that it is better to choose products with 2-3 active ingredients (combined), but at minimum dosage - they show themselves as much as possible because of the synergistic effect.

Hypertension people must constantly take medications to prevent complications - heart attack, stroke, dementia. If hypotension occurs, in the case of regular pressure reduction is required as a permanent reception of medicines to support the tone of the vascular wall.