What products should be removed from the diet forever

Such products are only two. Rather, they are two broad categories of products - trans fats and white sugar. What happened to them is wrong and how to live without them, says an expert on healthy eating Alice Shabanov.

Each person has a unique metabolism. Some may spend days eating potatoes with bacon and did not recover. Others gain weight from one type of sweet buns. However, there are products on which is to give everything. Their use - not a question of an ideal figure, but a health issue.

Sweet and Lowdown

The white sugar, molasses, syrups, and all products containing them, the highest glycemic index. Their use, particularly unlimited, leads to the development of insulin resistance and diabetes type. The alternative - natural sweeteners (such as stevia, agave syrup or Jerusalem artichoke), fruit.

There is a misconception that knowledge workers are obliged to eat sugar because glucose stimulates the brain. Indeed, the only product that consumes our brain - glucose. But our body it can produce virtually any "material" not only carbohydrates, but also fats, proteins. So worry about the lack of food for the gray matter is not necessary.

The only exception is when the pure sugar is vital - hypoglycemia. If you potryasyvaet from hunger, the heart beats faster than 90 beats per minute, the nails turn blue, but the hands are cold, you need to take action quickly. Sugar begins to be absorbed in the mouth, so to eat a cube - the right decision. Although, of course, it is impossible to bring the body to a state.

Fats burn in the fire of carbohydrates

On the refusal of glucose, many diets are based. For example, fashion is now ketogenic diet or LCHF, when carbohydrates are minimized, and fats can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

Ketogenic diet - the strongest stress on the body, and an artificially created. In fact, a complete rejection of carbohydrates leads to a lack of glucose, on the one hand, and the impossibility of utilization of ketone bodies - on the other (the excess of ketone bodies is harmful to the body, especially the liver).

The normal metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is interconnected: the splitting of carbohydrates ketone bodies are utilized and eliminated from the body. This is reflected in the common phrase nutritionists: "Fats burn in the fire of carbohydrates". Such reversible metabolic disorder leads to a decrease in fat tissue while preserving muscle.

For health ketogenic diet is harmful, but in terms of weight loss, it is effective. In addition, she has a lot of contraindications - from kidney disease to neuroses, and a number of side effects, including dehydration, irritability, fatigue, bad breath, skin problems, etc.

The man who in the first place puts the physical and mental health, is unlikely to be so to force your body. Although the effectiveness of this method even recognize his opponents.

Not to fat

Trans fats - the second product that is important to remove from your diet forever. They are the strongest carcinogens and also cause cardiovascular diseases.
Where is contained trans fats? In margarine and spreads (an alternative to butter), all fast food fried foods (French fries, pies, pasties, hamburgers, chicken pieces, etc.). Exclude from the menu and all purchased sauces factory pastries (muffins, pies, cakes, rusks and biscuits), or before you buy carefully studying the composition for the presence of trans or hydrogenated fats.

The Last Supper Syndrome

Do not forget that even with a "safe" products need to measure. Skewer or chips, to use them once a month, will not cause harm. So do not deny yourself completely in your favorite dishes. Moreover, very strict diets and restrictions inevitably lead to failures.

There is even such a thing as the last supper syndrome when diet before we gorge on harmful products, which will be for us banned from tomorrow.

According to recent studies, this syndrome allows you to predict failures in the diet. The more you eat during the "last supper", the faster the breakdown occurs. Because awareness of that chocolate, sugar, and ice cream will now be unavailable, causing a sharp resistance on an unconscious level, it makes us suffer and lead to a breach of the diet.

Quiet relationship with food can develop in a person who has currently prohibits. The less we think about food, the smoother and painless weight loss process takes place. Banned themselves chocolate, you'll dream about it day and night.

Recent studies have shown that being on a diet, some of us manage to eat forbidden foods more than in ordinary life. So it is always looking for a healthy way to satisfy your desire for food. For example, dark chocolate without sugar is an alternative to chocolate muffins, and fresh berries with yogurt and honey replace harmful cake.