Seafood lovers are swallowed up 11000 plastic particles in the year

Seafood lovers swallow up to 11 thousands of tiny pieces of plastic each year, part of which is deposited in the body, causing a variety of long-term health risks, researchers found the University of Ghent (Belgium).

According to Dr Colin Janssen, who led the research, the presence of plastic particles in the body is a concern.

"Now we have found that they get into your body and can stay there for a while, we must understand that as a result there is, - quotes the scientist The Telegraph -. Where they eventually settle whether the tissue is encapsulated and?" Forgotten "by the body, or cause inflammation? Chemical substances released from this plastic poison the body? Just all this is unknown, but we need to know. "

It is known that the world's oceans are now polluted with plastic waste so that these poorly degradable waste in some places form entire islands. It is estimated that in the water is more than five trillion plastic microparticles.

Together with the water they get into the body of fish and other inhabitants of the seas.

For example, mussels passed through up to 20 liters of water per day, thereby producing not only food, but also the remains of the waste. Then he settled in plastic animals ingested.

Scientists estimate that more than 99% of its eventually naturally excreted, but some crumbs still absorbed by the tissue and accumulate.

If current trends continue, by the end of the century, people regularly eating seafood, will consume up to 780 thousand pieces of plastic each year, absorbing up to four thousand of them through the digestive system.