7 major signs that your body

Toxins get into our body due to air pollution, smoking, use of pesticide products.

The sources that supply our body toxins - a great variety. When toxins are not displayed and begin to accumulate, it may be some health problems. How do you determine that a lot of toxins in the body?

It turns out that this problem can recognize the following seven criteria.

1. Insomnia. As it turns out, one of the types of toxins - estrogen is a major cause of insomnia. If you start torturing insomnia, you may need to clean the liver, as this condition is often associated with liver problems. In this process, a good help to drink from the broccoli, cauliflower.

2. Lethargy. If you get tired quickly, you rolled lethargy, it seems that your body is urgently necessary detoxification. Do not try to solve the problem of the use of caffeine and taurine - it will only exacerbate the problem. These drugs give only a short-term sense of great vigor, and then comes the deterioration of mood, and fatigue will be even more original.

3. Headaches. Migraine (chronic headaches), which became your systematic satellites may be an indication that the body excessive accumulated amount of toxins. We must be prepared that during the detoxification process headaches may even intensify rather than disappear altogether. But over time, they are still significantly reduced.

4. Problems with the skin. In the process of removing toxins skin plays an important role. When the internal organs of their own is not able to remove the toxins, they delegate their functions skin. Trying body cleanse itself of toxins may result in rashes and acne. Many skin problems are warning that the body needs to be cleaned.

5. Yellow or white tongue. Language - Status indicator of toxins in the body, as well as the health of the digestive system. If the surface is white or yellow tongue, should know - in the digestive system of many toxins.

6. Accumulation of fat tissue in the abdominal area. The toxins that enter the body through food and liquids, as well as the toxins that we breathe can accelerate the accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity. In this case, toxins, which remain in the body to fall into the abdominal cavity, the body does not appear to the outside and stay there. They can only be removed detoxification.

7. The feeling of heat. The fact that one of the most natural way in which the body removes chemical waste, - the pot. In the case where the body of toxins accumulated too much, it will be "overheated" in an attempt to force it to sweat. That's why people constantly feel the heat, even when it's cold outside.