5 Rules food after exercise

Immediately after intense exercise, many people played out appetite, and there is a danger of malnutrition negate all the advantages gained in the gym. in the field of sports experts from the United States voiced 5 most important rules of the meal after training.

Eat within 30-60 minutes after training. If you have loaded themselves in the gym especially hard, try to take food for energy recovery as quickly as possible. The fact that physical activity has a strong pressure on the muscles, joints and bones, therefore the body uses nutrients in the classroom.

Eating after exercise restores what you have lost, providing materials needed for recovery and healing. It is this diet is one of the main tools of building muscle mass.

Do not focus on proteins. It is well known that proteins - this is the basic building blocks of muscles, so they are important. But perfect meal after a workout should include good fats necessary for the healing of muscles and joints, as well as many other nutritious foods that are sources of starch such as sweet potatoes or beans.

Make no mistake in the calculations. Some people think that training in the gym - a kind of indulgence that allows to use all sorts of amounts of food. But our bodies need to get as much calories as burned in the gym. If you're after an active workout lean on pizza, spaghetti with meat and cheesecake, no training will not protect you from excess weight and obesity.

Water balance. In the gym, we strongly lose fluid through sweat, so we need to restore its volume. It is recommended to drink sports drinks instead of ordinary water during workouts. They are specially designed to recover lost body electrolytes. Experts recommend to comply with the rule of two cups of fluid two hours before exercise, another two cups 15 minutes before the start of classes, as well as half a cup every 15 minutes during exercise. Keep an eye on the color of urine - if you're good, "moistened", it should be transparent.

Less alcohol. Moderate alcohol consumption is not harmful to your body, but after the training should not immediately drink alcohol - first you need to eat. It is important to know that alcohol accelerates the loss of muscle mass after exercise by as much as 40%. It also makes it difficult to restore glycogen - the variety of carbohydrates, which gives energy to the muscles.