8 good reasons usually have kiwi

It is hard to remain indifferent to this green exotic fruits that we love him above all for a bright taste and dietary properties. But few people know how useful kiwi fruit for our health.

Regularly or occasionally eating kiwi man can enrich your diet with new flavors and get some benefit from the use.

A huge amount of vitamins gives the right to call this fruit is "the king of vitamin", which allows to maintain the body in good shape for adults and children to develop harmoniously.

On what parameters kiwi outperform other fruits:

- Vitamin C - 2 times higher than oranges;
- Kiwis are rich in potassium, but less calories than bananas;
- Abundance of vitamin E (as in nuts) under the same minimum calories.

To fill the daily requirement for vitamin C is capable of only one kiwi fruit (about 93 mg per 100 grams). The product contains valuable and rarely occurring vitamin B9 which is only found in broccoli similar concentrations.

The benefits of the kiwi, it seems, we can talk endlessly: it combines too many advantages, among which, perhaps, most importantly - memorable taste and a storehouse of vitamins. Many have simply not represent their daily menu without this fruit: added kiwi and yogurt for breakfast, a refreshing and nutritious smoothies at snack, and even as part of a salad of kiwi pleases the most demanding palates.

Fans of a healthy lifestyle for a long time including the Overseas fruit into your diet, and in the winter, especially when our body suffers from lack of vitamins, abandon kiwi no man: tell what is so useful "Chinese gooseberry".

It improves digestion

Flesh kiwi contains a special enzyme aktinidin responsible for the breakdown of proteins and promotes better digestion. On the effectiveness of kiwi here can compete with bromelain - an enzyme that determined the popularity of pineapple as a fruit diet.

In addition, the kiwi - a rich source of fiber, which prevents digestive problems.

It normalizes blood pressure

In kiwi contains a lot of potassium, which helps to normalize blood pressure. Especially useful this fruit will be those with the pressure well above normal: Norwegian scientists have concluded that the Kiwi helps to reduce blood pressure.

Protects DNA structure.

Studies have shown that the unique combination of antioxidants in kiwi helps protect DNA from mutagens different oxidation and, consequently, prevents the development of cancer.

It strengthens the immune system

One kiwi fruit contains a daily rate of vitamin C, which in combination with the powerful antioxidant properties of this fruit strengthens our immune system and makes the body resistant to disease.

Keeps track of your weight

Kiwi - a product with a low glycemic index and high in fiber: this means that it does not cause a sharp rise in blood insulin - a hormone that accumulates fat and excess weight - as do other fruits that contain a lot of sugar.

Prevention of heart disease

Eating kiwi fruit daily 2-3 you can greatly reduce the risk of blood clots: the fact that this fruit burns fats that can block the arteries and cause thrombosis.

Strengthens eyesight

Due to the high content of folic acid and lutein kiwi, the fruit is valued also for its properties that promote better vision. In addition, kiwifruit helps the body fight certain diseases of the eye, for example, detachment and retinal dystrophy.

Tracks skin.

Kiwi is indispensable for those who are watching their appearance: this fruit contains an enormously high amount of vitamin E, the leader of the group of antioxidants. It protects the skin cells from aging, tones and it has an overall rejuvenating effect.