Top 9 foods that are not suitable for breakfast

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. Wrong products provokes chronic fatigue syndrome overeating: it is already at 11 am you will want to eat again. Here are 9 foods that are absolutely not suitable for the morning meal.

Grains are high in carbohydrates

Morning porridge should contain high levels of fiber, not carbs. Otherwise. You feel hungry an hour after lunch.

Low-fat yogurt

Low-fat products are absolutely not suitable for breakfast. Yes, they are lower in calories, but contain a lot of chemicals and less protein. Namely, a protein makes it possible not to feel hungry for a long time.

Bagels (buns)

One sdobny bagel is equivalent to four (or even more) of white bread slices. But that does not mean you have to completely abandon the muffin. Choose whole-grain pastry and eat with foods rich in protein (eggs, cheese, salmon). Not spreadable butter cakes or cream cheese.


Pancakes as a source of quick carbs can not be a good breakfast. If you have them pour syrup or jam smear, the organism will get a real kick from an overabundance of sugar. But the hunger you will still feel very soon.

"Energy" bars

Bars of cereal and dried fruit - a bad way to start the day. Most of these products contain a lot of sugar and chemicals. Do you eat a chocolate bar or a cereal, for the body will not be any good.


Freshly juice is very good for health, but it is not for breakfast. It will be fine if you drink a glass of this drink between meals, snack, instead, for example. But do not forget, only protein-rich food is good for the morning meal. Juice - a source of carbohydrates.


Muesli useful, but not suitable for breakfast. The reason is obvious: the lack of protein, and too many carbohydrates. Better eat yogurt with raw (unroasted) nuts.

Fast Food

On the dangers of food from the fast food, nutritionists say in one voice. Oily, Refried, is not known what the freshness and quality of such food will cause only harm to your body.

Croissants or donuts

This pastry is made of flour, and therefore, only increase the level of sugar in the body. No good and satiety!