Psychologists: family name affects the health and fate

Psychologists from Ireland shared the data obtained in the course of an unusual study. Scientists have tested "the effect of names" on the person and ultimately concluded that it is indeed the case: the name of a certain way linked to the existence of various factors.

The authors of the project, the University of psychological research staff in Ireland, studied the statistical data from the US, where the names of modern humans may have occurred relatively recently.

The researchers found that "speaking" names of the iconic characteristics of people.

"The origin of surname of a person may be closely linked to the characteristics of their ancestors and their destinies, that plays an important role in the formation of his character. Thus, it can affect the health and even the fate ", - he noted psychologists.

The proof of this theory are the statistics. The researchers gave an example with the name Brady (slow): it turned out that the owners have demonstrated a tendency to bradycardia - a disease in which the heart rate slows down.

Another case in point - the name of Fat (fat). Statistics study showed that people carrying this name, often obese.

Also, psychologists have noted another curious feature. They found that many people tend to love his name, to consider it a "simple", banal.

Thus individuals, according to the researchers, is peculiar dependence on the opinions of others, neurotic tendency to total control.