Named berry, which protects against skin cancer

Use of compounds contained in the grapes can be effective for the prevention of skin cancer. These substances not only prevent the formation of cancer clusters, but also struggling with aging - the conclusion made by researchers from Spain.

Representatives of science and previously showed interest in the bioactive components of the grape, has a beneficial effect on the skin. At this time, a study conducted by experts from the Spanish National Research Council in collaboration with scientists from the University of Barcelona, ??has confirmed that the flavonoids contained in grapes help to protect skin from the development of negative processes caused by UV rays.

"We have received encouraging results, which should be taken into account when developing new products for skin protection", - the authors of the work.

According to clinicians, until now it was not very clear how to operate the cell grape compounds. In his investigation of the Spanish biologists have been able to trace the mechanism of action of flavonoids in the grapes reactive oxygen species that damage skin cells.

"Ultraviolet rays activate oxygen components that cause a molecular oxidation - stimulates certain reactions and enzymes, causing cell death. Lessons from grapes polyphenolic substances can reverse this process in the epidermis is exposed to solar radiation ", - explained specialists.

Previously, the grapes because of the high level of antioxidants in it was declared one of the best products for the heart.

Scientists have expressed that in this respect the grapes even better than medication.