Pain prevents middle-aged women have sex

Middle-aged women enjoy sex much less often because they suffer from the complications that cause pain. This sometimes causes them to completely abandon the intimate joys, as established by researchers from the United States.

A study involving nearly 7000 women found that the fair sex at the age of 50 and after 60 years the most frequently encountered pain during sex. It is a disorder called dyspareunia, which mainly affects women after menopause.

It develops due to low levels of estrogen - the female sex hormone, which provides natural lubrication during sex. The study showed that the disorder causes many women to fully give up sex for fear of pain before.

Women aged 16 to 74 years, researchers have answered questions about how often they experience pain during sex. Scientists have found that very often the pain is associated with sexual problems, anxiety and lack of enjoyment of lovemaking. But middle-aged women had the highest level of data pains. 25% of the fair sex in this age group have complained of painful sex and considerable discomfort during sexual activities.

Some women even admitted that they faced with the pain every time go to the bedroom with your loved one, and this causes them to completely give up sex. According to the authors, in dyspareunia may be quite different reasons, depending on the age of the woman. If the disorder occurs in women during the beginning of their sexual life, most often the cause is the lack of excitement and reluctance to have sex with a particular partner who insists on it.

In addition, young women experience some psychological discomfort. Today, medicine can offer a variety of ways to deal with the symptoms of dyspareunia, and women simply do not feel embarrassed to ask for help.