How to care for winter lips?

In the frosty and windy weather, many of us are faced with the problem of chapped lips. If you handle the usual means do not help her, be sure to listen to our advice.

It is believed that the most effective treatment for the lips in the winter is a lip balm. Such cosmetics usually contains the reducing components are perfectly cope with dry and cracked. But is it all just really?

What is special about the skin of the lips?

According to experts, before the deal with the delicate lip skin treatment, it is important to understand the characteristics of this part of the body. First of all, you should know that, unlike the skin on the hands and feet, the lips are not covered with a protective layer of the dermis, which means to take care of their health - is your direct responsibility.

At the same time, some experts in the field of beauty skin of the lips is compared with the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. But, unlike the latter, our lips are more prone to the adverse effects of the environment.

What affects the action of lip balms?

In lip care plays an important role in the winter is another factor - namely the habit of licking his lips. The fact that the saliva contains specific enzymes designed to break down fat and proteins. Therefore, if you will constantly lick the already dry lips, their condition will only worsen. Likewise, it is not necessary to do so before applying a protective agent for the lips.

Another important factor influencing the effect of lip balms is a lack of understanding of how to influence the skin like. Do not expect them to effect a lotion or moisturizing milk, because they are intended to cover the skin of the lips light protective layer. It is important to re-apply the balm after meals and before going out.

How to choose the right lip balm?

Not the least role in the care of mouth plays a part of cosmetics for lips. Thus, some balms contain menthol, which can have a comforting and irritating. That's why dermatologists do not recommend to use such cosmetics constantly. Also, do not get involved balms that promise to give your lips volume. After all, they contain components that contribute to the formation of edema, which adversely affects the state of the delicate skin of the lips.

Instead, experts recommend to choose means, which include wax and useful oil. The smaller the components listed on the package, the more benefit this will bring balm to your lips.