8 products that are difficult to digest

Throughout his way of following up on the mouth of the small intestine the food is ground, softens and breaks down into simple, easy and gratefully received by our body parts. If you like, this is a boiling pot with enzymes. However, do not load it all that turned up under the arm.

Shelf set lunch of a hamburger, fries and a milkshake at times more fun than to comply with some kind of balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, water, salts, vitamins, think about the compatibility of products, etc. etc. Later, you will pay off for this heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, nausea, flatulence.

Among hard to digest food isolated not only foods that are high in fat, but also food, full of fiber. Yes, without a doubt, the fibers of cellulose are extremely useful substance, but their digestion and absorption of the body needs to work hard.

Fried dishes

If you already fatty foods in addition to fry at least the fatty vegetable oil, it is not necessary to wait for the digestive system to cope with the amount of work this minute - the same barbecue we can wear a three days, and the body loses a lot of energy something to be learned.

Spicy dishes

One fell in love, out of love Asian or Mexican cuisine at its hottest forms is impossible. But if you have obvious problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is better to you to temper your enthusiasm - irritating the wall of the esophagus containing red pepper and garlic dishes give you heartburn, reduce to zero all the pleasure of eating.


In addition to the protein and dietary fiber, bean includes a carbohydrate species as oligosaccharides which are digested with great difficulty and produce intestinal gases in the colon. According to studies, to reduce the risk of bloating symptoms, it is necessary to pre-soak the beans.

Raw onion

Green onions and raw - product mixed. While on one side of the scale - anti-bacterial properties, strengthening the immune system, and potassium, useful for heart and blood vessels, on the other - an annoying gastrointestinal acid and flatulence. Category of people with digestive ailments, of course, experiencing the negative side of the bow more sensitive than others.

Vegetables from the cabbage family

First we talked about broccoli, cauliflower and other similar greens solely in terms of profit, but between all the important components for human health wormed raffinose - a carbohydrate that can bring the noise and disorder in your stomach.

Drinks citrus

Orange or grapefruit juice, in addition to vitamin C, carry with them and discomfort - all the same acidity of citrus juices is quite high.

[/b] Chocolate.

Caffeine and fats do everything that chocolate was a taboo for people with gastrointestinal nature. But if to speak about compromises, then prefer milk chocolate to dark.

[b] Gum

At this point, first I want to debunk popular since childhood myth that swallowed gum stays with you forever: butyl rubber, serving as chewing gum base, if not split, but freely comes naturally, and to create tangible problems, such swallowed gum should be one or two. In normal mode, the chewing gum leads to swelling of the abdomen due to the sweetener sorbitol, and because the process itself - chewing, we pushed in too much air.