9 great ideas as unusual use regular coffee

Coffee is considered one of the most popular beverages in the world, because it is here that most people begin their day. But in addition to a huge number of options for making this aromatic and invigorating drink, and there are many alternative ways of using it.

1. Addition to meat

Want to give a meat dish unusual taste? Then mix the salt, pepper, garlic powder and ground coffee, and then rub the mixture directly to a piece of meat before frying or baking in the oven. The presence of notes of coffee a little differently reveal the taste of meat, making it more saturated.

2. Coffee Glaze

Next original way to use coffee sweet tooth will love, who love to decorate homemade cakes frosting. Instead of the traditional white icing you can cook a fragrant coffee. Just add a bit of freshly brewed strong espresso - and the icing is ready. If you make the icing at home, but the approximate proportion - is a tablespoon of the drink 2 cups of sugar.

3. Bake adding coffee.

Another excellent option, this time for chocolate lovers, chocolate cakes will be with the addition of coffee. It can be as instant coffee, and very finely ground coffee beans to be added directly to the dough for muffins or cupcakes. Coffee accentuate the taste of chocolate and make a fragrant pastries.

4. Express cream

I wanted to homemade ice cream with an unusual taste? Nothing could be easier. You will need half a tin of condensed milk, half a cup of heavy cream and about 1/3 cup of strong espresso. Whisk all into a homogeneous mass and put in the freezer for a few hours. Take note, this simple recipe for a delicious ice cream, consisting of only three ingredients.

5. Natural flavoring

It is no secret that it smells help to create the right atmosphere in the house. As a useful alternative to the purchased air freshener suggest you use coffee beans that have expired, that is not worth it to brew. Tie a handful of grains in the old clean sock or a small cloth bag and put it on the kitchen shelf. Each time, going into the kitchen, you will enjoy the wonderful aroma.

6. Table decoration

Another great tip that will help you to create comfort in the kitchen, it's improvised candle with coffee beans. In glass jars, for example, out of yogurt, sprinkle a bit of grain and put them in a flat candle. The smell of coffee beans, heated by candle becomes more intense and deep.

7. Easy to get rid of odors compulsive

After cutting the fish or cutting onion hands smell is not very pleasant. Worst of all, from the smell is not easy to get rid of. But normal ground coffee or coffee grounds are great to help cope with this problem. Enough to put a little on your hands and massage. In addition, a pleasant bonus will be soft skin, because coffee has a mild skrabiruyuschim action.

8. Beauty Secret

Coffee - it is a real beauty product. Mix ground coffee or coffee grounds with coconut oil and get an excellent anti-cellulite scrub. And if you regularly rinse your hair with an ordinary American, not forgetting a few minutes, rinse with water, then they will shine as the models in advertising expensive shampoos.

9. Creative Workshop

Creative people also will appreciate some of the properties of coffee. For example, you can use it to wear out natural cloth or paper and can be used as paint. Blend instant coffee with water in different proportions, and get a real palette in shades of brown.