Nutritionists have called products, from which you want to have even more

The following products are nutritionists examined very carefully and confidently say that from them the feeling of hunger can develop into a manic form. Accordingly, the benefits of such food is questionable.

White bread

Baked white flour from grains that have lost in processing its outer shell. Made of her bread does not cover your needs for tissue and seriously increases the level of insulin. This bread is a wholly-deception - the brain fails and confused in the testimony. All nutritionists the world are convinced that white bread - one of the key causes of obesity.


Juice is also a product that is very difficult to get enough. Squeeze water devoid of pulp fibers and carries only a solution of sugars in water. And in this case, if the juice is freshly squeezed. Shops juices have nothing in common with natural and liquid are not much healthier cola.

Salty snacks

Crackers, chips and the like are set dzhankfud taste gimmicks that are aimed at one hundred percent hit on your receptors. It sounds delicious, but do not saturate. Hence the desire to eat and buy some more of these salty crunchy pieces.

Fast Food

fast-food system is a chemical project office. It is working on a food formula that binds the neurotransmitter, and your subordinates willingly parts of the brain responsible for pleasure. There are in the course of sugar, fats and clever combinatorics of ingredients that will take you for a new burger with fries and a Coke without ice.


Alcohol acts the same everywhere - dissolves chemical compounds. As he does with the body, making the total destruction of the gastric enzyme composition. Warning System of the feeling of hunger comes in a complete mess, and you can eat a lot unprecedented.


Pasta made with white flour is essentially the same as that of white bread. Set skinned wheat seeds, which do not have the necessary nutritional value. Pasta - a favorite dish gluttons. A huge bowl of overcooked pasta is the same crime against health, like a loaf of white bread with chocolate paste.

Glutamate sodium.

Glutamate - the main enemy of a healthy diet, invented in China as an additive to all, without exception, the food is a nothing more than a flavor enhancer. He gives signals to our neurotransmitters and is deceptive trick that allows you to disguise the food incredible amount of sugar and fat, thereby creating a very real dependency.


Perhaps the fish and rice separately and are quite dietary products. However, together they are a dish that is difficult to eat. At the same time, one standard sushi set is matched in calories with a huge burger.

Baby food

White flour with a generous handful of sugar - in most cases, children look exactly cereals in supermarkets. This food will be the first step of your child on the path to diabetes and help break it enzymatic background from an early age. Feint is the emphasis on grains, which are really considered to be a good choice for breakfast. But in addition to it there is a huge amount of sugar that is addictive for children and parents impulse buy another pack.

Artificial sweeteners

No matter where and in what - in cola, coffee or juice - artificial sweeteners stimulate the same brain cells, and sugar. As a result, you get the pleasure of the release of insulin and development of the chemical attachment of the brain.