13 steps to a great sex life

? What to do if your sex life is poor expenses or to live as brother and sister psychology professor John Gottman explains to establish sex life in a pair is simpler than it seems.

In 2013 entrepreneur Krisanov Northrup and two leading American sociologist Pepper Schwartz of Yale University and James Witt from Harvard, published the results of a large-scale online studies. They watched the lives of 70 thousand people in 24 countries and found that couples satisfied with their sex life, do what you do not do complaining of her people.

John Gottman has combined data from this study with its own scientific developments that have accumulated over decades of work and counseling for more than 3 million pairs. Because of this he was able to identify 13 things that make couples happy with their sex lives.

So, they are:

1. Every day talk to each other "I love you", and do it sincerely.

2. Passionately kissing.

3. Make each other romantic surprises.

4. Know that starts a partner in erotic terms.

5. Express physical affection, even in public places.

6. have fun and spend time together.

7. Embrace.

8. Put sex on one of the first places in the list of priorities

9. There remain good friends.

10. Available discussing their sex lives.

11. Every week, arrange a date.

12. commits a romantic trip.

13. Consciously working on relationships.

Thus, these couples express each other love and affection, strengthen the emotional and physical connection.

What distinguishes those who complains about his love life?

Scientists from the Sloan Center at the University of California at Los Angeles conducted a study of 30 heterosexual couples. In each pair were small children, both parents worked. The researchers observed the pairs, recorded their conversations on tape and asked questions. They found that:

1. Such couples spend very little time together during the week.

2. Men with the head goes to work, and women focused on children.

3. Partners talked only about the duties and the outstanding matters.

4. Men and women behave as if everything else is more important than their relationship.

5. Partners grew apart.

6. People in these pairs do not deliberate steps to strengthen relations.

It was found that the partners communicate with each other only 35 minutes a week, much of the talk was limited to tasks and assignments.

The conclusion on the basis of studies: establish sex life is not so difficult. Be friends, show your desire and talk about sex openly. This will help strengthen relations not only in the bedroom, but also abroad.