Chinese New Year 2017!

Dear readers!

Revision health INFO congratulates you with the Chinese New Year in 2017!

Chinese New Year begins on 28 January and will run until 15 February 2018. During this period will be marked by Red Rooster Fire - one of the most controversial eastern zodiac animals.

In 2017 - the year of the Rooster in the Chinese calendar, the luck will accompany the creative people who want to succeed. Residents of China Fire Rooster called almost the most interesting character of the eastern calendar, and the color of the year is bright red. Be aware that this year is favorable for those who easily lets into his life new and unusual, gratefully accepts the changes, so do not miss your chance to make a difference! Lonely this year, finally, meet your soul mate, and couples will have all chances to seal their bonds for years to come. We wish you love, understanding, joyful fateful meeting! Peace, happiness, harmony and prosperity in every family!

Let the coming year on the Chinese calendar Fire cock will be for you a year of achievements! Let's health will be strong, all your wishes and dreams - bright and clean, and their implementation of immediate and unhindered! May this year bring you only good!

The night before the New Year in China is called "night meeting before parting" - at that time decided to meet at the family table, to discuss the events occurred during the year. This holiday - a great excuse to get together with the whole family in a close circle, socialize and relax after a hard year, and to wish your family and friends all the best to offer them help and support.

Chinese New Year is traditionally associated with magic and sorcery. So let all of his magic will be directed to the accomplishment of your secret desires! Let the warmth of loving hearts will warm you all even in the most severe frosts!

Let the bright colors, the brilliance of fire, the noise of firecrackers, fireworks and fireworks, as well as a sincere joy, which is traditionally accompanied by a celebration of the New Year on the Chinese calendar, chase the bad and unnecessary from your life and attract success and good luck!