Mankind expects

Humanity faces a global epidemic of blindness, experts say. All because of the many hours that we spend every day in front of TV screens and computers.

Experts warn that in a few decades the victims of blindness and severe visual impairment are almost all adults on our planet. Every year the amount of time a person spends on the screens of computers and televisions, increases. This intense energy level for light, eye-catching digital screens, causing irreparable damage to the eye, affecting the retina. That damage to the retina - the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye - are the leading cause of central vision loss.

The expert report reported that the particular risk of violations of millions of children are exposed to almost come off screens today. Therefore it is very important for parents and their children to take urgent steps to protect the view. Only US residents now used by more than 900 million devices. 70 million are available to children, and their eyes are not protected. Spanish researchers from the University Complutense of Madrid have analyzed and compared the results of two previous studies.

During the first retina of rats exposed to exactly the same radiation that features the latest liquid-crystal screens. Thus in one group of rodents used protective filters, and the second is not. Three months later, those rats which exposed light without filters, death of retinal cells increased by 23%. This is what leads to the loss of vision.

In addition, research has shown that the coverage of the LCD monitors and tablet PCs beneficial effect on the expression of genes and enzymes that provide cell death.

In the second study, researchers assessed the level of light that enters our eyes depending on the devices. Currently, experts recommend to save the use of 20-20-20 rule. On the screen every 20 minutes of use you must translate your eyes for 20 pounds (6 meters) away in 20 seconds to give the muscles to relax.