The popular products and cosmetics found carcinogens

An international research project scientists from France and Luxembourg ended with a frightening discovery: it turned out that the use deadly ingredient in chewing gum and toothpaste manufacturers. These are proved to be food coloring E171 (titanium dioxide). Experts said that this is a carcinogen.

This work described in the publication of the journal Scientific Reports. The authors conducted several experiments with rats, which during 100 days were given water containing E171 in an amount similar to what people consume at home.

According to scientists, E171 compound is used in the food and cosmetics industries. "Most often it can be found in sweets, biscuits and chewing gum as well as toothpastes and sunscreen", - they noted.

Experiments with rats have shown that this substance can act on animals as a carcinogen, that is, to provoke the development of cancer. In particular, the rodents consume it 40 percent more likely to develop pre-cancerous diseases of the digestive system.

Does the similar threat to humans, the researchers do not yet know - the conclusions in this respect they are not done yet. However, France has decided to carry out an investigation after the experiment with animals, which will allow scientists to provide accurate and specific answer as E171 can affect the human body.