Secrets of Longevity: 10 valuable tips for those over sixty

Sixty years - a considerable age. But it with one hand. On the other - only two-thirds of life. And then the half. Much depends on how you look at it. And whose eyes. You remember that for someone the glass half empty, but for someone - is full. Someone in a pool of sees the mud, while others - reflecting the stars.

You are 60 or so? Ahead loomed the pension and you think life is coming to an end? Look at the situation from the other side! Now you will have more time for yourself, it will be possible to seriously address the health. And you can start with ten simple rules.

It's not too late to adopt a healthy way of life

Measures taken now, in 60 years, can improve your health, to compensate the harm caused to him in his younger years. The biggest mistake that can often reduce the life expectancy - is to think that it's too late to fix. Such simple measures such as weight control, eating large quantities of fruits and vegetables, exercise at least 2.5 hours per week, smoking cessation can significantly improve your health at any age and prolong life.

Keep your brain active

The brain loves challenges, but because the mind needs constant training and development, it helps him to remain in good shape. Take action. Avoid routine and ensure your brain with new difficult tasks: collect puzzles, learn new skills, read, sign up for courses, learn something new and stay smart. Scientific studies show that brain health in old age depends on the active intellectual activities.

Take care of your body

Do not allow the body to retire with you. Now, when you do not have to go more on the job or taking care of children, focus on their own health. Of course, before you were too busy to exercise or cook healthy food, but now plenty of time! Use this time to maintain a normal weight, exercise, eat fruits and vegetables. Make a plan for the care of your body. Not only will you feel better, but also make your life long and joyful.

Come survey.

You may not want to run the hospitals and waste time on check-ups and examinations, but it will help to create a clear picture of the state of your health and to identify possible illnesses at an early stage when they are more treatable. Together with your doctor, make a schedule of preventive check-ups and examinations. It is possible to somehow brighten these are not the most fun events. Bring a favorite book and read it during procedures. Or reward yourself with a delicious lunch or a pleasant meeting after long hours in the clinic, it will make all the boring hospital events a little more pleasant.

Remember to hormonal changes in the body

They occur in the human body throughout his life. Some people think that it is the hormones and all that is connected with them, cause aging, in fact, the picture is much more complex. Learn more information about how hormones affect human health, talk to your doctor, let him explain to you how those or other hormonal supplements can improve your health.

Continue to keep sex life

Sex - an important component of a healthy life. You can remain sexually active, and even make up for all the lost years gone by. Some doctors even argue that sex prolongs life - think about the benefits of sex for male and female body and lead a healthy and active sex life!

Think about the age in a positive manner.

If you treat your age is positive, you can extend its life by an average of 7.5 years. This is evidenced by many studies. Positive thinking helps to overcome stress and adjust their behavior - think about the positive aspects associated with aging, such as wisdom, free time, the possibility of spiritual development. And remind yourself of them often.

Take necessary medications

Consult with physicians, create a clear picture of the condition, take medication, keep your health. It can, without exaggeration, save your life. Scientific studies have shown that people are not aware of the real state of his health, and do not take measures for its maintenance and improvement, risk of dying prematurely.

Spend time with use.

The retirement age - the only period of life, when you have plenty of free time. You have released at least 40 hours a week. But there is a risk to spend all this valuable time on such nonsense as, say, a TV: the average retiree spends watching TV for more than 4 hours a day. But this time should be spent on something that will be beneficial to your body and mind. For example, physical exercise, social activities, volunteer activities, the preparation of tasty and healthy food, and other favorite activities.

Stay socially active

Loss of working environment which somehow have to maintain relationships with others, can become a real challenge for you. Do not lose the social ties, more often in public. This helps to manage emotions, to keep the old healthy habits, reducing stress.

Retirement age may be the most active and joyful period of your life. After all, it's time to enjoy all those for which you have worked so hard. Take care of your health, be engaged in favorite business, spend time with loved ones and look forward with optimism.