Convulsions: the causes of and treatment

Seizures or muscle spasms occur when one or several muscles involuntarily reduced. We usually say that we have a "cramped leg" or something like that. In this muscle fails to relax, people feel discomfort and pain, sometimes very strong.

Usually, seizures occur in the back part of the leg (in the calf or thigh), but also occur in the feet, hands, and other groups of our body muscles.

Those who are often faced with this unpleasant feeling, know that seizures occur suddenly, snare, and also spontaneously disappear in a few minutes.

Nevertheless someone discomfort persists for several hours or even more. Muscle tension is relaxed, but not until the end.

And although it is not the most serious health problem that may be, many people are still trying to find a solution to it, and as soon as possible to facilitate his fortune to seizures do not violate their plans. Do not let good rest, do not violate or disrupted sleep for some important event during the working day.

To this end, it is important to find out what are the causes of seizures and what measures can be taken without resorting to medication.

The experts made a number of recommendations and practical advice on how to act.

Seizures: their causes

There are many factors contributing to the appearance of muscle spasms, or cramps. Physical stress, pregnancy, age - these are just a few of them.

In most cases this is due to the fact that the body is disturbed oxygenation process (oxygen saturation muscle cells) or because the body is not enough moisture, proteins and mineral salts.

A diet low in potassium and magnesium also contributes to this unpleasant condition. Both of these minerals strengthen and relax the muscles at the same time, they also promote good blood circulation.

Among the less common causes of seizures can be identified, some diseases (especially those associated with the digestive system), and poisoning.

And some scientists say more about the biomechanical inefficiency, which increases the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

What you need to do to rid yourself of muscle cramps?

Of course, it is better to prevent this phenomenon, than to try to deal with it. Prevention is always better than immediate treatment. But if you could not avoid seizures, then there are several home solutions.

Increase the intake of water

Sufficient water consumption is equally important and to treat muscle spasms, and for prophylaxis. The water helps to activate blood circulation and improve access of oxygen to the cells.

To make up for the loss of fluid is well suited, and a special "sports" drinks, especially when you have to intense exercise, strenuous exercise, or simply on the street is too hot.

These drinks are recommended for professional athletes, and they then lose a significant amount of moisture needed for the body and minerals.

Make compresses to alternate "hot-cold?

Hot compresses help to relax the muscles, if cramped spasm or too tense.

Cold, in turn, is ideal in order to stimulate blood circulation when the discomfort is already over.

Perform stretching exercises

Exercises aimed at improving the flexibility of the body (or stretching exercises), are one of the best ways to cure and prevent muscle spasms and cramps. They will be effective for any body part.

Therefore, performing their usual exercise, do not forget about them, be sure to finish your session banner.

This activates the central nervous system and contributes to a more inhibitory signals in order to soothe the pain.

Loosen clothing

At the first signs of seizures it is very important to loosen the clothing, so that the muscles were more room for "maneuver".

Too tight and squeezing clothing prevents blood circulation normal and does not quickly get rid of the pain.

Taking care of your nutrition

If seizures have become an integral part of your life and you are almost accustomed to them, you may need to slightly revise your diet and pay attention to the nutritional value of food consumed.

Make sure that your body lacks substances such as:

Vitamin B12.
Folic acid.
Vitamin E.

Apply olive oil

When you feel that you have a cramped leg and the pain is very strong, get yourself on a palm a small amount of olive oil and make a gentle massage of "affected" cramped area, pressing his fingertips and stretching tense muscles.

Take a warm bath

If cramps disrupt your rest and reduce the quality of sleep, it is best to take the appropriate measures before you go to bed.

To do this, pour yourself a bath of warm water and soak it in a little bit. This will improve the blood circulation in the limbs and minimize the risk of muscle cramps.

In conclusion, it should be noted that if all of the above methods do not give the desired result, and seizures continue to torment you, it is best to consult a specialist. There may be some hormonal problems or malfunctions of the cardiovascular system.