Preparation of food: how to change their caloric

Cook or bake? Grilled or steamed? Few people think about the fact that the energy content of foods varies with their preparation. But the ability to count calories - an important skill for people losing weight or who want to maintain your weight is normal. What you need to consider in order to properly keep a record of everything you eat during the day?


This method of preparation is typically reduces calorie product. In particular, when cooking meat the fat that is contained in it, and passes it to the broth becomes less fat and thus its energy value is reduced (on average 10-20%). Some sugars from vegetables, can also go into the water, which will reduce their caloric percent 5. In the event that you are preparing soups, pour the broth first, so you reduce the calorie content of the finished dish by removing the excess saturated fat, says Mikhail Gavrilov, psychotherapist, MD, the author of a patented technique of correction of eating and weight loss, a member of the Institute of functional medicine (IFM, United States).

Cereals, pasta, despite its high caloric value in raw form, when cooking is strongly increasing in volume, thereby reducing their caloric value - an average of three times.

But thermal processing starchy vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets), including cooking, on the contrary increases its energy value by an average of 30%. The reason is that when heated, the starch contained therein changes its modification. And instead of food for the beneficial bacteria, giving us extra calories. That is why we recommend them nearly to cook a little longer - after the preparation of these vegetables should not fall apart.


Does calorie in this case, change or not depends on whether you are cooking with or without oil it. When frying in oil is important to remember that a calorie of meat should be added 20% of the caloric content of the oil. If we consider that in 1 tbsp vegetable oil 130 kcal, the energy value of the finished food increased by 26 kcal. Several different things with products that can absorb up to 50% of the oil used. These include a majority of vegetables and mushrooms. In this case, the calorie vegetables added 50% of the caloric content of the oil used.

Another thing is cooking on the grill. In case of meat, for example, fats drips partially degraded proteins and carbohydrates. This can reduce the calorie ready meals by 5-15%. So, this kind of heat treatment can be considered quite a dietary.


According to the technology is not very different from cooking, unless you add butter dish. In this case, it will increase the caloric content. Again, if you cook too lean meat, of the fat goes into gravy. That is why calorie stewed products is virtually identical to the energy value of crude.


Perhaps the best way to diet preparation. Calorie products in this case is reduced significantly - by 3-5%, but their useful properties (proteins, minerals, vitamins and minerals) are preserved almost in its entirety.