How to get rid of love to the sweet 10

Sugar - is one of today's global problems. We too love sweets, so easy to give them up. As a result, a surplus of sugar leads to serious health problems and disorders in the work of some organs.

Obesity, diabetes, low immunity, fatigue, chronic fatigue, hormonal disruptions - these are just a partial list of deviations from the norm.

Experts told how to overcome the dependence on sweets. Good habits should be introduced gradually in their lives to achieve really significant results.

Plan your diet in advance

As a rule, in most cases, you eat sweet, because I do not plan a menu for a day in advance, and chocolate bars, buns and donuts - it is the most simple and delicious way to snack during the day. However, this food is not very much and helpful. Very soon you will see how such sweet snacks will be deposited on your sides.

Make it a habit to think of your diet in advance. It is better to do it a week in advance, so that you have the opportunity to buy in the store everything you need and do not be distracted by the races to the supermarket on weekdays. At first it will be difficult, but it's worth it.

Look useful alternative.

Have you ever thought that there are useful alternatives to your favorite sweets? For example, instead of the sugar may be supplied to the tea honey. It is important to know that the hot tea add honey can not be, because it loses all of its beneficial properties at high temperatures. Eat it fresh.

Take the time and learn the range of your nearest supermarket. And you will definitely find useful alternative to your favorite foods. Chocolate bars replace the tiles of dark chocolate, yoghurt with additives - in the natural with fresh berries, candy - on nuts and dates.

Do not add sugar in tea and coffee

For one thing, at first glance, a harmless tea party your body can get a lot of unnecessary and not relevant to him of calories. If you drink tea and coffee with sugar and dessert mandatory, then change their habits. The result is not a snack, but a real sugar bomb.

Do not add to tea and coffee sugar. The tea is best to add the lemon and apply it to the honey and fragrant coffee can sprinkle cinnamon or add the vanilla. Drink from it only wins in taste. About sweet dope and do better to forget. Replace it with a healthy snack between tea parties.

Avoid soda

She loves soft drinks? Did you know that they are literally "stuffed" with sugar? After a small jar of soda insulin in the body is rapidly jumps, thereby provoking an increased appetite. Diet sodas and drinks without sugar - it just tricks of experienced marketers.

Instead of soda drink clean drinking water, flavored water with lemon or other fruit, useful and nutritious smoothies from fruit and vegetables, green tea. These drinks are much healthier for the body and lower in calories.

Carry food with you

Buy a bright and comfortable containers that can carry food with them. Work, study and other important matters should not be the cause of overeating and increase the number of sweets in the diet. Think about the menu for the day in advance, prepare the food and place it in containers.

Try to have one and the same time. The main reason why we prefer the sweetness of useful food is hunger. It is he who makes us buy a muffin instead wait a bit and enjoy a delicious meal.

Eat more protein products.

As for hunger, then it is quite tricky. You can eat on the clock, but it is still bogged down on sweets. This does not mean that you have problems with will power or you desperately need the sugar. Just your diet requires certain adjustments.

If you eat enough high-quality protein that can be elevated appetite most of the time. Include in your diet chicken, turkey, nuts, fish, olive oil, avocados, eggs, dairy products. Very soon you will notice that the sweetness draws not so much.

Learn composition products.

Carefully read the information on the labels. Sugar may be present even in those products where it simply should not be at first glance. For example, it is in the tomato paste and sauces, all kinds of shops, and sometimes even added to the frozen berries, which, apparently, and it is quite good without it.

Take the extra time to make sure that you choose the right foods for your diet.

Do not scoff at a

Get rid of the love of sweets - does not mean completely indulge in all the pleasures of gastronomy. First, remember that sugar is present in the composition of some useful products, which include, for example, fruits and vegetables. Indulge in these products is not necessary. This useful natural sugars, which in moderation will not hurt you.

Secondly, sometimes you can afford your favorite dessert. If you know the measure, then nothing bad will happen to you. A person who hurts himself and feels unhappy as a result of deprivation and restrictions, can not be happy and healthy.

Experiment in the kitchen

Do not be afraid to culinary experiments. Try to cook a favorite dish completely new way. Instead of tomato sauce or paste, in which there is sugar, cook vegetable sauce beneficial ingredients and "play" with spices to achieve a unique taste.

Do not give up baking, if you really love her. Replace the sugar in the honey or fruit puree. Prepare yourself for the last full confidence in the product. The store options are often sugar occurs. For perfect baking apple, pumpkin or mashed banana.

Cook at home

We hardly surprise you, if you say that to cook better at home. Of course, sometimes you can get into a restaurant to have a good time in a good company and a comfortable atmosphere. However, their orders should be treated with the utmost responsibility. The food in the restaurant is quite high in calories. And the release of the rare complete without dessert!

Try to cook at home mostly. This is the only option that you will know exactly what is in your plate, and you can control the amount of sugar entering the body.