5 kinds of healthy snacks throughout the day

The main dose of nutrients and minerals we get at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks also allow us to feel comfortable between meals. Moreover snack helps to ensure that we do not overeat at lunch and dinner. Experts suggested that it should be used in different situations.

In the middle of the day

Between breakfast and lunch, in the middle of the day, you feel fatigue? It is even possible attacks you sleepy? This is clear evidence that you have time to eat without waiting for dinner.

What to choose? The combination of lean protein and healthy carbohydrates - just what you need: it will give you the courage and energy. Suitable, for example, yogurt (unsweetened) with fresh berries. A good option - an apple and nuts, pear and cheese.

Before going to the gym

Snack before training must contain carbohydrates and protein, as in the room you spend a lot of effort, you need energy. Remember that you can not overeat before training, as well as going to the gym hungry: it will reduce the effectiveness of exercise and can lead to poor health. If you have overeaten, you can begin heartburn if hungry - dizziness. Also, do not be tempted by the fried food, because too much time is required for its digestion.

What to choose? You can eat a sandwich consisting of bread from bran and lean turkey, is another option - a banana with a glass of milk.

Before long road

You are going on a journey, for example, you have to spend a couple of hours on the road. In order to on the way your body did not lack energy, you have to saturate it foods rich in fiber, protein and fat. In addition, this product should be easy to carry around and eat on the go.

What to choose? A great option - nuts, especially when combined with dried fruits. You can also bring your cereal bread with nuts. But remember that you should avoid salted nuts.


You have a business meeting in a cafe for a cup of coffee. Of course, you are uncomfortable ordering a salad or a piece of meat: it eliminates the business format. But to sit and swallow salivating until your partner eating a cake, too, should not be: it can cause pain in the stomach and later lead to peptic ulcer.

What to choose? Best option - a cake without cream. The smallest piece of sponge cake contains about 150 calories and about 2 tablespoons of sugar. Better to take almond cake because the protein contained therein.

Before going to bed

Although you gave yourself the floor after dinner, do not take anything edible in your mouth, but just before going to sleep to feel hunger. You need to eat, because hunger does not give you a full night's sleep and a bad effect on health.

What to choose? Snack products, which include magnesium: its deficiency causes insomnia. For example, you can eat a banana, figs. At the same time to improve digestion, these products can be combined with the yogurt. Or eat a cheese portion with parsley (it is also rich in magnesium).