These cancer symptoms are very similar to "ordinary" pain, so they are easy to ignore.

Note: if the symptoms recur you at least a month, and you can not find a simple explanation for it every time - without delay go to the doctor.

Abdominal pain or heartburn once or twice can be attributed to bad food. If you eat different, and there is a pain no matter what, it's dangerous. Very, very dangerous.


Frequent heartburn, regardless of the type of food, or constant pain in the chest may indicate cancer of the esophagus.

CHANGES nipples

Flattened, inverted or rotated. A is cracked without breastfeeding - some of the common symptoms of breast cancer in women.

Painful periods

In addition to cancer, this may mean polycystic ovary syndrome, polyps, endometriosis, and has a lot of trouble, if not fatal diseases. Suffering is not necessary. You can not.

Breast tenderness

Heat, redness, swelling of the breasts or skin changes in the breast may mean the beginning of cancer.

Trouble swallowing

Difficulty swallowing often means cancer of the esophagus or throat cancer (if you do not have symptoms of colds). But it can also be one of the first signs of lung cancer. A hoarse voice or a feeling of pressure in the throat can be an early sign of thyroid cancer.

Testicular OTEC

Any testicular tumor, regardless of whether they are associated with an injury or not, require medical examination. Cancerous tumors of the testicles almost always painless. Characteristically, when testicular cancer usually do not have a lump in the tumor. Just due to the fact that all men calms, and should worry!


It may mean liver cancer if you have frequent spasms or colorectal cancer at a constant heaviness in the stomach or vomiting.

Unexplained WEIGHT LOSS

For no apparent reason, it depends on you (stress, diet), this indicates a possible cancer of the digestive system. The entire length of the stomach to the colon.


Cancer of the lung, or thyroid? It does not matter whether you are a smoker.

Bloating, gas, heartburn, and shortness of breath for this reason - may show cancer of the stomach.


Constipation, diarrhea and changes in stool (blood color) can be signs of cancer. Conditions for concern - whether they occur for no apparent reason (diet, change of food or medication) longer than a few days.

Difficulty urinating and impotence

The most common symptom of prostate cancer in men. The impossibility of an effort of will to interrupt the flow of urine the same applies here.
As cancer is enhanced sexual dysfunction.


Total unexplained fatigue. In combination with any other cancer symptoms may indicate corresponding body from this list.

Chills and fever

Heat, sweating may indicate leukemia,


Brown or black stripe, dot under the nail can mean skin cancer, while the enlarged ends of the fingers with curved nail may be a sign of lung cancer. Pale or white nails can mean that your liver is not functioning properly. And perhaps because of cancer.