Named an easy way to save a marriage

During observations of married couples American psychologists have discovered an amazingly simple and effective way to save the marriage.

Strong marriage, long and healthy life, good quality sleep - you can spend a lifetime in order to achieve these three objectives. However, the new study showed that only one simple thing will quickly translate desired. Spouses need to discuss the good news before going to bed.

It was found that all pairs, where it has become a habit, had significantly less stress and more sex. As a result, these small changes spouses significantly reduces the risk of age-related diseases, "fuel" for which are anxiety, insomnia, and a sedentary lifestyle.

The result of this study is another argument in favor of the theory of how important to share with your partner a good event in my life, and to respond positively to the good news, as emphasized by psychologists from Gonzaga University, who conducted the study.

Some other researchers have also shown that it is crucial for the spouses to share their experiences and stressful events, to reduce the level of anxiety. But new research shows that it is much more important is a good and positive information, especially if it sounds at night.

In general observation showed that the habit of sharing the good news positively affects both partners. Over time they have improved the quality of sleep, they have more sex, their health is getting stronger, and all this has a positive effect on the increase in life expectancy. It is noteworthy that their findings, scientists have made on the basis of pairs of military observations, which are often subjected to very severe stress.