7 products that contain hidden sugar

Even if you think of the supporters of a healthy lifestyle, it does not mean that your diet is not harmful food. Experts told the seven popular products, which is composed of hidden sugar.

Porridge Fast food

Attracted bright packaging oatmeal or buckwheat fast food contain not only sugar, but also many other harmful components. These breakfasts can not only impact on the figure, but also cause digestive disorders, acne and other health problems. Not too lazy to prepare their own breakfast!


We used to refer to the yoghurt category health food. However, this drink can seriously affect the hormonal system. This is due to the presence of large quantities of yoghurt sugar, which leads to an abrupt release of insulin. Experts note that one bottle of drinking yoghurt contains as many as eight tablespoons of sugar.

Ready sauces

Who among us would refuse to eat delicious chicken with a bit of sugar favorite ketchup? Here are just a cooking sauces us often lazy, so we are saving the situation with purchased product. Forgetting that in the standard packaging of ketchup contains as much as 15 grams of sugar, what to speak of salad dressings and other kinds of sauce.

Wholegrain bread

Dieters often include whole wheat bread in their menu. At the same time, nutritionists recommend not keen on such a product. The fact that this kind of bread with sugar or corn syrup, high fructose, that just would not be beneficial to your health.

Rice for sushi

Very few people know that the sushi rice is made up of sugar and rice vinegar. Nevertheless, we continue to be happy to feast on this delicious Japanese dishes. And in vain! After two cups of rice for sushi have to already two tablespoons of sugar. Moreover, standard roll, comprising 60-75% rice carbohydrate content is two slices of bread.

Low-fat products

The benefits of low-fat foods, nutritionists have questioned for a long time. And there are many reasons. Firstly, manufacturers of cheese and yogurt with low calorie try to make them more attractive for our taste buds, so the composition is added to sugar, colorants, and preservatives. Secondly, low-fat products contain 0% of nutrients.


Foods that contain hidden sugars, can be attributed, and packaged juices. Nutritionists regularly argue about whether there is a real benefit from the use of such drinks, or better to eat fresh fruit. In one of their opinions accurately converge: if you want to benefit the body - make the juice yourself.