Abnormal weather swings and blood pressure problems: how to survive

This year the weather than ever like a roller coaster: the temperature jumps from positive to severe frosts, the atmospheric pressure is reduced, then it rolls over. When such drops even a healthy person does not in itself, to say nothing of those who have problems with the heart and blood vessels. Moreover, many of us are not aware of their problems with blood pressure, do not have a diagnosis, and therefore do not take the necessary measures to improve the state of health, doctors complain. To conclude it can lamentable: from hypertensive crisis (sudden pressure surges) and ending with unexpected heart attacks-isultami.

Cardiologists point out that there are many "hidden" hypertensive patients who are not aware of their blood pressure problems.

For reference

- Ideal pressure: 120/80 mmHg

- High blood pressure: 140/90 mm Hg or higher

- Prehypertension (borderline): 121 - 139 mm Hg (the "upper" pressure), 81 - 89 mm Hg ( "bottom").

Tonometer - in every home.

- Given the realities of modern life - frequent stress, overeating, overweight, smoking, lack of exercise, I recommend everyone to acquire a home appliance for years of pressure measurement from 35 - advises Yuriy Kotelevtsev cardiologist. - Measure the pressure at least once a week, and as soon as you feel unwell - dizzy, weakness, nausea, heart of "crushes". If the numbers on the blood pressure monitor signals prehypertension, start hard to take measures to prevent hypertension. And if surpasses 140/90 immediately contact your doctor.

- The most accurate examination, which must appoint a doctor for the staging of "hypertension" diagnosis - a daily monitoring of blood pressure, - says Olga Molchanov cardiologist. - 24 hours Man walks, runs, eats and sleeps with a special device that measures the pressure every 15 minutes, regardless of his actions. After the decryption of the data can be reliably conclude whether there is hypertension. Let me remind you, this diagnosis is, if during the day, "upper" pressure is consistently above 140 mm Hg, and the "bottom" - 90 mm Hg or higher.

The most dangerous myths

- If you are borderline, prehypertension, you can still normalize the pressure with a non-pharmacological methods, the high blood pressure can not do without special preparations - antihypertensives, - said Dr. Molchanov. - And one of the most dangerous myths - that the reception of these tablets can be dropped as soon as the pressure will return to normal. Remember, high blood pressure need to maintain their pressure is normal life with the help of medication. And not to reduce it, waiting for the next jump. If you do not follow this rule, looming heavy heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

By the way, There is another dangerous myth: that all antihypertensive drugs harm to men, reducing potency. There are certain drugs (beta-blockers), are actually several inhibit sexual function, but male patients they are assigned only in extreme, life-threatening situations. But to think that in itself hypertension, increasing the pressure of the "everywhere", make sexual giant - the biggest misconception, an expert warns. In fact, because of the high blood pressure suffers the whole body, and the risk of a sudden heart attack during lovemaking active in hypertensive patients is increasing manifold.


It is known that the higher the dose of the drug, the greater its adverse side effects. Modern medical recommendations offer a new approach: instead of higher doses of a single drug hypertensive appointed several medications at lower doses. "Studies have shown that as a result we have an excellent therapeutic effect and side effects are reduced," - said Olga Molchanova.

5 rules to improve their health in case of problems with the pressure

These methods help prevent hypertension or to protect themselves from its transition into a more severe form, if the diagnosis is already there.

1. "Reasonable exercise - the best way to normalize blood pressure, - says neurologist, PhD Victor Koss. - If you have a sedentary job, every 45 minutes, do basic exercises: tilt your head from side to side and back and forth, to improve cervical and cerebral blood flow. Stand up and do sit-ups (if there are no problems with the knee compositions) or poluprisedaniya. Remember that our feet - both pumps working muscles help push the blood through the veins of the top, making it easier for the heart. "

These light exercises are particularly useful when the weather fluctuations, when blood flow is further hampered by pressure surges.

- The safest and most useful to the whole world fiznagruzki - Cardiac walking, - the expert adds Olga Molchanova. Walk briskly for 30 minutes a day, ideally - before going to bed. And yet perfectly helps the heart and blood vessels sailing - if you go out to the pool at least once a week, helping cool your body.

2. Do not abuse the savory food and liquid. If your blood pressure is above 120/80 the daily rate of salt in all dishes must not exceed 5 g, and the amount of fluid - 1.8-2 l. This is especially significant rule again during the weather changes, when blood pressure problems are exacerbated.

3. Of the products lean on vegetables - carrots, beets, cabbage. Moreover, it is better that they are boiled, says Olga Molchanova. Since raw vegetables rob the body a lot of the processing power, and you will be stronger in the freezing cold weather.

4. Also add useful vegetable oils, which help to reduce cholesterol, improve the condition of blood vessels, and due to this organism easier transfers atmospheric pressure surges. The most valuable oils - flax, canola and olive oil, suggests the head of the National Research Center "Healthy Eating", Doctor of Medical Sciences Oleg Medvedev.

5. Try to reduce stress. When the weather drops this is especially important. Because in times of stress, we stand adrenal hormones - aldosterone and cortisol, which are associated with the regulation of the pressure in the blood vessels, hypertension explains researcher Professor Yuri Kotelevtsev. Strong and /or long stress exacerbates problems with pressure.

Available ways to reduce stress - it's the same exercise, fresh air, sleep at least 7 - 8 hours of meditation, meeting friends, going to the cinema, says neurologist Victor Koss.

Natural remedies to help

To improve the general condition and reduce the blood pressure drops when the weather will also help natural remedies.


With garlic, we can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and improve blood circulation system. Studies at Indiana University in the US have shown that, thanks to the daily use of garlic cloves for three months, blood pressure is reduced by 7-8%, and it is an excellent indicator.

Garlic may be eaten fresh, as well as in salads, use as a powder or in capsules.

The juice of a lemon and parsley

Lemon and Parsley is a diuretic products that allow rid the body of accumulated fluid. Because of this, they are excellent helpers in the treatment of high blood pressure: they help to rid the body of substances that cause the disease.

Place the lemon in the juicer (whole, not scraping the rind). Add a bunch of parsley and cook the juice, dilute it with water. His need to drink on an empty stomach.

It is also possible to drink on an empty stomach a glass of warm water with lemon; this drink will also help to cope with the disease.


Lime is rich in flavonoids and vitamin C: These substances help increase the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent breaks.

Those who suffer from high blood pressure, is recommended to eat limes with pulp or lime juice to drink - it will help keep the disease under control and alert hemorrhoids, varicose veins, bruising and nosebleeds.


Oats has many beneficial qualities to the body. Among them - the ability to reduce blood pressure.

According to a study at Columbia University, oats rids the body of harmful cholesterol and contributes to the restoration and improvement of neurological functions.


Celery is considered very effective diuretic. It acts as an antioxidant and helps to cleanse the body, promotes derived toxins accumulated in the body and the fluid. It has many other properties that make it useful as an organism; it also is our ally in the fight against high blood pressure.

In order to take full advantage of beneficial properties of celery, it is recommended to prepare a decoction of several stalks of celery and one liter of water. Boil water, then add the celery and leave to infuse for 10 minutes before drinking.

Celery can also be added to salads and many other dishes.