Six changes that will happen to you in case of failure of

Even if you do not abuse the strong drink and observe the recommended alcohol consumption rates, listen to yourself: your body is already precisely it indicates that something needs to change.

If you eat right, go to the time and even avoid stress at work, but it all still feel tired and unwell, the person in the morning swelling, skin - dry, and in addition terribly hungry and thirsty, think: maybe it's not lack of some vitamins or fatigue, but only in a few extra alcoholic cocktails, without which you are a long time can not imagine any one night.

Some people can not imagine life without spirits, while others are limited to a couple of easy glasses of wine on holidays. Tells why the first is best to limit yourself to the consumption of alcohol, and the second - and did abandon it once and for all.

Clean skin

All drinks lead to severe dehydration. The fact that the liver rapidly detects and processes the poison alcohol, and kidneys, in turn, are beginning to rid the body decay products. Of course, all this is strongly reflected in the skin, which becomes dry, flabby and lose tone.

Avoid alcohol at all - and you will see results in just a few days: the skin is clean, looks radiant and hydrated. In addition to all this: the person will no longer be painfully swollen and bags under the eyes disappear.

Progress training.

Alcohol destructive effect on muscle, inhibiting their growth and as a consequence, prevents us from moving forward in our training process. Alcohol not only give us to develop, but also inhibit the body's recovery process after exhausting training.

Eliminating alcohol from your diet, you will feel better, recover faster, and the long-awaited progress in the form of muscle growth and fat burning will not take long.

The arrow on the scales creep down

American experts do not get tired to stress that alcohol plays a role in the accumulation of excess kilos. It slows down our metabolism, it contains a lot of calories that we always forget to count, but still scary increases appetite.

After a week without alcohol drinks you was pleased to note that your metabolism come to order, and the excess water, which previously held the alcohol out of the body and the arrow on the scales shifted from the dead point on a couple of kilos in your favor.

Free time and money saved

Have you ever tried to calculate how much money per month or per year do you spend on alcohol? The total amount would be impressed you so much that you would just decide to permanently end this bad habit. And how delightful dresses could buy with that money

Having alcohol "no", you will see how much free time has appeared in your life. Especially it concerns the time that you spent before, tortured in a heavy hangover the entire first half of the day, or even a whole day.

Psychological, physical, emotional stability

The action of alcohol is somewhat similar to the effect of sugar on our bodies. Get what you want "dose", we feel a surge of energy and satisfaction, rather than receiving it, we feel the sharp decline of forces. Such chemical surges eventually cause us a strong dependence, we are harder to deal with stress, suffer headaches and even depression, and sleep becomes disturbed, unhealthy: all this talk recent research in this area. We overdo it, do not even start working.

People who refuse to drink, fall asleep faster, sleep strong, healthy sleep, completely restore the body's strength, easier to wake up.

No eating

Alcohol - the strongest appetizer: according to studies, it enhances our senses, thereby making us sensitive to the flavorful dishes and encouraging longer there. After one comes a new dependence - the food, the consequences of which may even rival the severity of alcohol: it is overweight, and diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, and liver disease. The list is very long.

Removing alcohol from its main menu, you will not only reduce the consumption of unnecessary calories, but do not become too much to eat, getting rid of the annoying false sense of hunger. Thoughts about the harmful snacks with time gone forever, and you, without even noticing, start to prefer useful, nutritious food and a healthy diet as a whole.