12 useful kitchen tricks

What products can be saved with the help of salt, why it is not necessary to drain the water after boiling potatoes, and where better to keep the tomatoes and bananas - these and other legendary life hacking for your kitchen prepared experts.

Become an hostess is not so difficult: just enough time to get out and do not be lazy to cook. But there are some kitchen tricks, which are known only by experienced hostess who can spend time in the kitchen with the benefit and pleasure.

We use salt when cooking eggs

Here are a number of reasons why you should always have a supply of salt in the kitchen. Its possibilities are endless!

For example, it is necessary to boil eggs in salted water in advance: it is so clean them from the shell will be much easier, faster and more enjoyable. But this is not the only way to effectively use salt not for its intended purpose.

Get rid of unpleasant odors in the kitchen with the help of salt.

Salt perfectly struggling with a variety of scents. In order to plastic containers that are temporarily not in use, is not formed an unpleasant smell, backfill in them a pinch of salt: about any smell will not be considered. By the way, if you find an unpleasant odor in a thermos, simply wash it with salt hot water. And probably the most important life hacking: salt is combined with lemon juice will remove any odor from any surface - whether it be a sharp flavor of garlic or annoying smell of fish.

We increase the shelf life of dairy products by adding their salt

You can extend the life of some dairy products: for example, to the milk was kept longer in an open package, add a small pinch of salt, and not to spoil the cheese, wrap it in a cloth soaked in salt water, and store in the refrigerator.

Do not pour the used water

Water - the main helper in all kinds of kitchen wisdoms.

The cold water that remains after cooking pasta or potatoes, can be "fed" potted plants that adorn your kitchen. The fact is that this water will contain some minerals that will fall like colors and have a positive impact on their growth.

Gray candied honey

If you urgently needed to break the candied honey, put a container of honey in a bowl with very hot water.

We determine freshness eggs.

One of the most popular among housewives life hacking: to determine the freshness of eggs by their position in the water during cooking. Eggs do not deteriorate for a long time in the refrigerator, and often we forget about when they expire on the expiration date. It's simple: fresh eggs will be cooked, remaining in the position parallel to the bottom, as if looking at their ends in the walls of the pot, and spoiled - emerge blunt end up.

Using Cubes not ice.

One of the most elegant and at the same time practical tips: use the molds for ice not for its intended purpose.

If after dinner or holidays that you have a little wine, which is now only wonder takes place in the refrigerator, get him to good use. Freeze it in the form of ice, and then use the frozen cubes of wine as an additive to soups and sauces.

Freezing natural dressing for all occasions

Fresh greens, which is not enough space in a salad, freeze in the form of ice, Gulf of olive oil. So you have at any time to be ready stunning natural sauce, which also retains all its vitamins and useful properties.

We store not refrigerate everything

Remember that some fruit is better to keep away not only from each other but also from the refrigerator.

Refrigerator - bad company your tomatoes, citrus and bananas: last just turn black and lose their appetizing appearance, and for tomatoes, for example, oranges cold temperature will be harmful and simply kill all the flavor and taste of these fruits.

We select the right company Fruits and Vegetables

Do not store next to a bunch of bananas with other fruits. Better not keep bananas in the bunch, and separate them from each other, so that they stay fresh longer and yellow. The fact that they emit ethylene gas, which causes other fruit and vegetables ripen more quickly.

Saving salty soup

Bug fixes, where, apparently, to make it impossible. If you are terribly overdone soup, add the one purified potato - it absorbs any excess salt.

Get out of the remnants of finished dishes fat.

Not calculated, and your soup or sauce will be too bold? No problem: throw in a bowl, in which cooks your meal, an ice cube. He will attract to himself all the fat that you can scoop.